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People I Know: Tor Refsland

Tor Refsland helps online entrepreneurs network with influencers and position their brand so they can attract the right clients fast. Want to skyrocket your blog? Get his free course How To Blog Outreach Like A Boss . But he only has 100 spots (seriously). Click here to reserve your spot now, so you can receive some of Tor`s BEST tips (that no one else uses).

Tor Refsland
Tor Refsland

How I Know Tor

Tor Refsland showed up in my inbox a couple years ago asking me for an interview. I obliged, of course (and yes, if you ask me a question or want to interview me for a post, I’d be happy to help you as well!); but we continued to talk well after the interview was over. And it turns out Tor is a pretty cool guy!

Tor is not only an incredibly charming individual — he’s a great example to fellow freelancers on networking done right. Seriously. This dude is big into blogger outreach, and he does it with finesse.

Check out my e-mail interview with Tor below to find out how this fascinating freelancer got his start, what’s next for his career, and how you can follow in his footsteps. Continue reading “People I Know: Tor Refsland”