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People I Know: Brian Danger

I love back-to-school season! I always try to make sure the September PIK interviewee is someone fun — and it doesn’t get much more fun than Brian Danger!

Brian Danger
Brian Danger

How I Know Brian

Like a lot of the interviewees I’ve featured in the PIK series, Brian Danger started out as a Canada-based super fan of LittleZotz Writing’s resident illustrator: Ramiro Roman.

I love meeting Ramiro’s fans because I know that we’ll instantly already have something in common. It’s a great ice-breaker! It’s sort of like pre-qualifying a client — except you’re pre-qualifying a potential friend.

Brian turned out to be really sweet and we ended up having a lot more in common than just our enjoyment of Ramiro’s amazing art. We also dig a lot of the same TV shows, video games, and humor.

Mr. Danger is a part-time freelance illustrator, and I think you’ll really enjoy this e-mail interview with him. Continue reading “People I Know: Brian Danger”