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Due to my massive amount of client work at this time, I’m not taking on any new mentoring students.


So, you want to be a freelance writer or blogger…

You want to break away from your mundane “normal” life, but don’t know how.

You don’t know if you could make a living off of your writing (or if that’s even possible!).

You feel a constant twinge of regret that you’ve never truly lived up to your potential.

You constantly fear that you’ll end up staying at a job you hate — forever — until you die.

Or — even worse! — that you’ll try to go freelance and fail.

If only you had the knowledge you needed to take those first steps…

Don’t worry. I’m here for you.

All that stuff you just read? Those were my thoughts/fears when I first got started!

I totally get what it’s like to be a newbie. To be so full of fear. And to have oh-SO-many questions with no one to turn to for answers.

Reading books and blogs is wonderful.

But you can’t ask a book or a blog a question.

And sometimes… you really, really need to.

  • “How do I get started writing online?”
  • “How do I get testimonials?”
  • “How do I set my rates?”
  • “Do I need a website?”
  • “Should I start blogging?”
  • “Where should I look for clients?”
  • “What does [insert writer jargon here] mean?”
  • “How do I get paid?”
  • “Should I start right away or wait a while?”
Instead of pretending to talk to my computer, I could be talking to YOU!
Instead of pretending to talk to my computer, I could be talking to YOU!

Sound familiar?

That’s where I come in.

I can answer those questions. And more!

Being a “newbie” doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

You’re feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start.

You’re feeling afraid because you’re lacking knowledge.

I can help you start. I can give you the knowledge you need to help you feel unafraid.

I can answer your questions.

Let’s talk.

Send me an email at to book a mentoring session!


Who I Am
(And Why I Can Help You)

LaurenTharp_RoundFaceMy name is Lauren Tharp. I started my freelance writing career as a teenager (over 15 years ago) and never stopped. In 2010, I opened up LittleZotz Writing and I made freelance writing + editing my sole source of income.

Through LittleZotz Writing I’ve worked in the writing and marketing departments of a television mini-series, an online radio station, a designer headphone company, and countless small businesses around the world.

My blog for writers has won multiple awards and was named one of the best in the business by The Write Life, Positive Writer, and others.

I’m also the Managing Editor for Be A Freelance Blogger and the Editorial Assistant for Copyblogger — two of the largest blogs for content creators in the world!

As a freelance writer myself, I know the struggles that writers go through. As an Editor, I know what goes on behind-the-scenes in the blogging world and what it takes to get your pitches read — and your posts published.

Got more questions? No Problem! Keep Scrolling down. 🙂




Ready to book a session with me? Write to me at!

Need More Information?

How are the mentoring sessions run?

We’ll be speaking via Skype instant messages. And I’ll be sending you a PDF of our conversation afterwards for you to refer back to forever and ever.

Can we do the mentoring session over the phone instead?

The reason I use Skype is because I can’t do phone calls. I’m on a flight path and my calls get dropped like crazy. And when they’re not being dropped, they’re full of static and I can barely hear anything.

I also prefer to do the sessions via instant messages because a. You get a free PDF to refer back to and, b. I get to look at said PDF myself to remember what we talked about last time should you decide to book another session. 🙂

How are the mentoring sessions booked?

Step One: You send me an e-mail saying you’d love to pay me to pick my brain.

Step Two: I write back to you saying “that’s awesome” and ask you to share what dates/times work best for you.

Step Three: Selecting from the dates and times you’ve suggested, I write back with which date/time works best for me.

Step Four: If everything looks great to both of us, I’ll send you an invoice for $97 via PayPal. (You can pay the invoice with either PayPal or a credit card).

Step Five: We hang out on the date/time we agreed upon and chat about your freelance writing career! 🙂

I don’t think I’m a “newbie.” Would these sessions still be helpful?

Honestly? Probably not.

I specialize in helping writers get started as freelancers.

If you’ve already been freelancing at least semi-successfully for a year or more, you’re not a newbie. You’re at the intermediate level (or higher!).

In your case, you’d be better served by Sophie Lizard. She specializes in helping writers/bloggers get better at what they already do (rather than starting from scratch). I even get occasional mentoring from her myself! She’s the perfect mentor for writers who already have a solid foundation, but are looking to climb to the next level.

But, if you’re just getting started: I’m your gal!

What do you, as a mentor, expect from me?

I expect you to already have a firm (or semi-firm) grasp on how to write. This mentoring is to help take the skills you already have and show you how to make a living off of them. I cannot make you more talented than you are.

I can help you to polish your existing skills to their brightest shine–and guide you toward getting said writing skills in front of the people you want to show off your sparkle to–your future clients! If you know you’re marvelous, but you don’t know how to present your majesty to the world, this is the place for you.

I also, as much as I would like to, cannot guarantee your success. Ultimately, that’s up to you and how badly you want it. Just like a mama bird, I will nurture you and show you how to survive in the wild… But there will come a day when you’ll have to leave the nest and learn to fly on your own.

What I can guarantee is that you will leave more supported, more knowledgeable, and more confident than ever before!

How much do you charge?

I was prepared for this! I made a graphic:

$97 USD/hour
$97 USD/hour

I was going to charge more, but then I realized that newbie freelance writers don’t have any money yet! Haha.

Your mentoring prices are EXTREMELY reasonable!…But I can’t afford you right now. Do you have something else that could help me?

You can check out the weekly updates on my blog. Or you can subscribe to my bi-monthly newsletter (comes with free goodies!).

However, if your financial situation improves, I do hope you come back. There’s nothing quite like talking to someone who’s already in the field you’re trying to break into. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t picked the brains of a few experts.

What’s your refund policy/what are your terms of service?


  • Cancellation of a mentoring session must be made within 24 hours of the set time to be issued a full refund.
  • Rescheduling of your mentoring session must be made within 24 hours of original mentoring session. Expect at least a week delay. My schedule fills up quickly.
  • If you fail to show up on the time set for your mentoring session WITHOUT telling me ahead of time that you’re cancelling, you will receive half of your money back ($49). Unless you tell me otherwise, I WILL be showing up for the session as planned and expect to be paid for my wasted time.
  • Your mentoring session is based on MY experiences and MY knowledge and MY opinions. You chose me as an expert and I will do my best to share MY expertise with you, to the best of my abilities. 🙂
  • Your mentoring session with me does NOT guarantee your success as a writer and does NOT make any promises to provide you clients, get you published, and/or see that you “make it big.”

If you book a mentoring session with me, the bullet points listed above will also be on the invoice I send you.

What’s the difference between your one-on-one mentoring and your free consultation?/Why should I pay for advice when I can get it for free?

Great question!

My free consultation is directed at small business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for someone to provide them with writing services. It’s a way for them to get to know me as a service provider before hiring me. It’s for people who are looking to hire me to do their work for them. 

On the other hand, my one-on-one mentoring services are directed toward writers and bloggers looking to “go freelance.” People who need a little nudge, someone to bounce ideas off of, or just some general guidance or assurance that they’re heading in the right direction. This service is for people looking to hire me to help them work for themselves.

Everyone who thinks I’m worthy of payment pays me eventually. 😉 It’s just a different process, depending on your needs. And, of course, there’s plenty of free information on this site for writers/bloggers! It’s just not hand-tailored specifically for you like a mentoring session would be.

Copy/pasting your e-mail address to contact you is too hard… Can’t I just use a contact form?

Welllllllll… All right. But just this once! *stern look* You’re not going to make it as a professional freelance writer if you’re lazy! 😛 😉

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