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Yup! My name was Lauren Tharp for the first 34 years of my life. Then, in April 2019, I got married to Frank Spear — and now my name is Lauren Spear! 😀
“LittleZotz” is my nickname. Hi! I’m Lauren Spear, the owner of LittleZotz Writing and LittleZotz Teens. I got my nickname when the man who invented the term “sci-fi” gave me his Zotz coin (from the movie of the same name) and my family suddenly became known as the “Zotz Family.” I, being the youngest and shortest, was “Little Zotz.”
Writing comes with its own set of fears; however, freelance writing takes all those fears, amplifies them to the max, and then adds a new set of fears of its very own. Not only do you have to face the usual fears that no one will like – or even read! – what you write, you now have to worry about that same writing feeding yourself and your family that month. Forget those fears. They’re only holding you back! That’s right: Forget your fears about rejection. Forget your fears about clients. And forget your fears about career instability. The only real thing you need to fear as a freelance writer is burnout – from trying to do too many amazing things at once! As an Editor, I’ve had to reject literally hundreds of writers. Rejection is definitely a possibility when you pitch your work. But it’s not something you have to let get you down. Either you pitch and get rejected or you pitch and get accepted. But if you don’t pitch at all, you’re automatically rejected. So why fear trying? By not pitching, you’re already living your worst fears. A rejection from a publication doesn’t mean banishment forever. It just means “not now” or “not this piece.” Keep trying. And keep learning.
Maybe! Send me a pitch. If you're looking for PAYING places to pitch to, I recommend downloading a free copy of The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs.
Nope. That said, if you book a mentoring session, I can look at your freelance writing website and make suggestions regarding how to improve it. But I won't build your website for you.
At least once a month. I usually aim for the second Friday of every month, but it varies. If you want to be sure not to miss an update, subscribe to my newsletter!
Los Angeles, California.
LittleZotz Writing is, and has always been, a one-woman website. I have no "team"/employees — it's just me. That said, I do accept (unpaid) guest posts from writers who're looking to build up their portfolios! If you'd like to contribute to the LittleZotz Writing blog, send me a pitch, using the guidelines found here: https://littlezotz.com/write-for-me Note: Even if I accept your pitch and publish your article, that's not me "hiring" you and contributing a blog post to LittleZotz Writing is not a "job." It's just a way for aspiring writers to have their work seen, get clips for their budding portfolios, and share their ever-growing knowledge with the overall online writing community. Thank you for understanding!
From 2010 - 2012, I drew the illustrations myself. From 2012 - 2018, Ramiro Roman drew everything. Be careful if you click the link to his website though — he's normally a (very NSFW) horror artist, so you won't be seeing the cutesy stuff he drew for me over on his own site! In 2019, Heather Landry drew all my blog illustrations (and my gorgeous website banner!). However, in 2020, I switched over to stock photos for all of my LittleZotz Writing blog posts. But, if you're a fan of Heather's, you can see her work featured prominently on my horror-focused website HorrorFam.com! We still work together, just not on LZW. If you're ever in doubt, just check the caption under the illustration. I always try to credit artists!
The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. It’s a great book for anyone looking to experience the joy of wordplay and a sense of humor with flair for puns similar to that of the Marx Brothers’. It’s a children’s book, but it has timeless lessons for everyone – namely that we should make the most of each “boring” day we’re alive. And if you’re up for a second book, check out The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck by Don Rosa. I have a portrait of Scrooge McDuck on the wall of my office because he’s one of my entrepreneurial heroes. [laughs]. Scrooge believes in the value of hard work and fresh ideas! It made him the richest man (duck) in the world. And Don Rosa’s graphic novel following Scrooge’s rags-to-riches origin story is beautifully illustrated, brilliantly written, and incredibly inspirational.
Yep! If you're a fan of the horror genre, check out HorrorFam.com and say "hello!" Bonus: As the Head Editor of HorrorFam.com, I'm always looking for guest posts there too! So, if LittleZotz Writing isn't a good fit for your work, and you're a horror fan, try pitching to me over there! 😀
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