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People I Know: Brian Danger

I love back-to-school season! I always try to make sure the September PIK interviewee is someone fun — and it doesn’t get much more fun than Brian Danger!

Brian Danger
Brian Danger

How I Know Brian

Like a lot of the interviewees I’ve featured in the PIK series, Brian Danger started out as a Canada-based super fan of LittleZotz Writing’s resident illustrator: Ramiro Roman.

I love meeting Ramiro’s fans because I know that we’ll instantly already have something in common. It’s a great ice-breaker! It’s sort of like pre-qualifying a client — except you’re pre-qualifying a potential friend.

Brian turned out to be really sweet and we ended up having a lot more in common than just our enjoyment of Ramiro’s amazing art. We also dig a lot of the same TV shows, video games, and humor.

Mr. Danger is a part-time freelance illustrator, and I think you’ll really enjoy this e-mail interview with him. Continue reading “People I Know: Brian Danger”

People I Know: Mark Ceb

Mark Ceb is a part-time freelance illustrator and YouTube content creator. For the latter, he writes essays — thoughtful analyses of modern culture and video games — and then records them as videos. (Technology-minded freelance writers/journalists/bloggers take note!).

Mark Ceb (self-portrait)
Mark Ceb

How I Know Mark

I’m not going to go as in-depth in this section as I usually do. As you may have guessed by the fact that there’s no picture of Mark Ceb at the top of this page — and the additional fact that even the illustration of him has a censor bar over the eyes! — Mark is a bit of a private person. Despite the fact that he’s becoming more and more of a public figure, he values his privacy in his private life and I want to respect that.

But I will say this: We originally met in 2013 thanks to the StreetPass feature on our Nintendo 3DSes. Since then, Mark has become a close friend of mine and my boyfriend’s.

As a friend, Mark has never been anything but sweet and one of the most caring people you could ever hope to meet. As a freelancing creative, Mark is always a true professional — calm, respectful, ethical, and original.

This e-mail interview doesn’t do him justice. So go check out his work after you read it! Continue reading “People I Know: Mark Ceb”

People I Know: Paris Matic

Paris Matic is a part-time freelancer who works as a writer and illustrator. She’s also a self-described “muse” and “Creative Collaborator” who enjoys helping others achieve their artistic dreams via her helping hand(s).

Fun Fact: I uploaded this post a day early so it would go live on Paris’ birthday! 

Paris Matic
Paris Matic

How I Know Paris

Like a couple other people in my “People I Know” interview series, I know Paris because she’s a fan of my significant other’s artwork! (What can I say? He has the best fans!)

She was originally just some random chick who ran up to my S.O. for a hug and an autograph at an art/comics convention, but I ended up talking to her and discovered we had some things in common — namely our love for writing.

Paris has always walked the line between “hobbyist” and “professional,” but, as soon as sheFINALLY took that first step and got legitimately paid for her wares, I knew I had to have her as a PIK interviewee! Because this series has two rules: 1. The person must be a freelancer (even if it’s part-time) working in the field they love and, 2. they have to be someone I’ve known for at least a year. Paris definitely qualifies! (In fact, I was her first paying customer!)

And although she’s “only” freelancing part-time, I think you’ll be impressed with just how much she’s accomplished! She’s a great role model for those who want to “go freelance” but can’t (or don’t want to) do so full-time. You can still live your dream and get a lot done in your spare moments. Continue reading “People I Know: Paris Matic”

People I Know: Michael Jasorka

Cartoonist Michael Jasorka shares the inner-workings of a creative mind and a free spirit…

Michael Jasorka
Michael Jasorka

How I Met Michael

I met Michael a few years ago at the local roller skating rink, the Moonlight Rollerway. I was rollerblading and he was there in the corner, drawing caricatures of the skaters.

My mom was there too (in-line skating because she’s old school like that) and suggested I go say “hi” to him since he looked interesting. So I did! And she was right.

I haven’t seen Michael in person since that first random meeting, but we’ve kept in touch over the years–exchanging e-mails every couple months. And I’ve been a featured contributor in his art & poetry zine, Hello, World!, in issues 3, 4, and 5.

He’s one of the most eternally cheerful people you could hope to meet. And while it’d be easy to look at him and dismiss him as a “hipster,” he’s not. He’s more like a time-traveler. He owns his fashion and lifestyle choices. And that makes him pretty darn awesome.

Hello, World! Zine #5
Hello, World! Zine #5

My Interview with Michael Jasorka

What do you do?

I’ve been committed to the comic book medium as a contracted and self-published cartoonist for the past seven years with my comics and zine imprint, Bombshell Comics. An imprint I created in college as a student.

How did you start?

I started cartooning as a child. I would watch a slew of cartoon shows that would encourage me to draw. As well as my own mother did, I kept at it for several years.

High school hit and the computer age ushered in a new sense of creativity in the digital form. From there, I enrolled in college as a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art, with a concentration in illustration.

After reading comics throughout my high school and college years, it was natural that I began my own quest in the storytelling form of comics. I just didn’t know it took this much energy!

December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter by Michael Jasorka
December 3rd 1967: An Alien Encounter by Michael Jasorka

What’s your favorite part of what you do?

My favorite part of what I do would have to be finalizing a project–seeing it come to a full force of what I visualized (hopefully) at the get-go…

Making goals and meeting them in the comics world alone is a quest, but writing and drawing comics is probably the most fun and challenging aspect of a form of clarity, rich with options, to form an interesting narrative.

What advice do you have for someone looking to get into doing what you do?

The best advice I could give anyone with making a move towards independent comics publishing and creation is to just keep creating and reflecting on your own interests as your themes. There’s no better place to pull from than the themes and subjects that are closest to the creator’s heart.

The other [piece of advice], would be what everyone says: Keep drawing…draw some more…keep writing…  Keep making comics!

That Bike by Michael Jasorka
That Bike by Michael Jasorka

What’s next for you/your business?

What’s next for me and Bombshell Comics would be to just keep pushing forward with storytelling dynamics, interesting themes, and making some moves into the digital platform realm of availability for my consumers.

My biggest project yet, involving my own written music, is on my plate next.

As well as a new Roller Dames showcase and more audio-accompanied comic books. Stay tuned!

A page from That Bike by Michael Jasorka
A page from That Bike by Michael Jasorka


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A page from Michael Jasorka's MISFIT WRESTLING FEDERATION
A page from Michael Jasorka’s MISFIT WRESTLING FEDERATION