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People I Know: Anthony Dejolde

Anthony Dejolde is becoming one of the most in-demand Filipino writers for hire! Check out how he got his start and what’s next for this genuinely nice guy.

Anthony Dejolde
Anthony Dejolde

How I Know Anthony

Anthony Dejolde is one of my success stories! A former mentee, Anthony has become an in-demand freelance writer for hire — and I couldn’t be more proud.

On a more personal note, Anthony and I met on Be A Freelance Blogger, and got to know each other in the community. A proud Filipino man, Anthony was very intrigued by the fact that I have several Filipino friends and two Filipina great aunts (by marriage). And he got a BIG laugh when I told him about the time I confused the Tagalog words for “vomit” and “vinegar” at a friend’s debut (the pinay version of a quinceanera) dinner.

Anthony is always eager-to-please and a genuinely nice guy. I think you’ll like this e-mail interview with a writer I now consider my friend. Continue reading “People I Know: Anthony Dejolde”

People I Know: Tor Refsland

Tor Refsland helps online entrepreneurs network with influencers and position their brand so they can attract the right clients fast. Want to skyrocket your blog? Get his free course How To Blog Outreach Like A Boss . But he only has 100 spots (seriously). Click here to reserve your spot now, so you can receive some of Tor`s BEST tips (that no one else uses).

Tor Refsland
Tor Refsland

How I Know Tor

Tor Refsland showed up in my inbox a couple years ago asking me for an interview. I obliged, of course (and yes, if you ask me a question or want to interview me for a post, I’d be happy to help you as well!); but we continued to talk well after the interview was over. And it turns out Tor is a pretty cool guy!

Tor is not only an incredibly charming individual — he’s a great example to fellow freelancers on networking done right. Seriously. This dude is big into blogger outreach, and he does it with finesse.

Check out my e-mail interview with Tor below to find out how this fascinating freelancer got his start, what’s next for his career, and how you can follow in his footsteps. Continue reading “People I Know: Tor Refsland”

People I Know: Elna Cain

Elna Cain is a freelance writer and freelance writing coach. 

Elna Cain
Elna Cain

How I Know Elna

I had seen Elna Cain around the Internet — in the freelance writing circles — but I first started to get to know her when she interviewed me on her website in February of 2015. I also became a big fan of her work, both on her site and on Freelancer FAQs. (If you follow any of my social media outlets, you’ve probably seen me share a fair share of Elna’s articles!).

Elna is a fabulous writer, a dedicated mother of twins, and has one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard. Check out my e-mail interview with this super talented lady! Continue reading “People I Know: Elna Cain”

People I Know: Brian Danger

I love back-to-school season! I always try to make sure the September PIK interviewee is someone fun — and it doesn’t get much more fun than Brian Danger!

Brian Danger
Brian Danger

How I Know Brian

Like a lot of the interviewees I’ve featured in the PIK series, Brian Danger started out as a Canada-based super fan of LittleZotz Writing’s resident illustrator: Ramiro Roman.

I love meeting Ramiro’s fans because I know that we’ll instantly already have something in common. It’s a great ice-breaker! It’s sort of like pre-qualifying a client — except you’re pre-qualifying a potential friend.

Brian turned out to be really sweet and we ended up having a lot more in common than just our enjoyment of Ramiro’s amazing art. We also dig a lot of the same TV shows, video games, and humor.

Mr. Danger is a part-time freelance illustrator, and I think you’ll really enjoy this e-mail interview with him. Continue reading “People I Know: Brian Danger”

People I Know: Karen Marston

Karen Marston is a freelance copywriter and the owner of Untamed Writing. Karen’s personality-filled copy has put her at the center of attention lately as a “blogger to watch.” And, yes; that super cool streak in her hair is totally natural!

Karen Marston
Karen Marston

How I Met Karen

On April 29, 2014,Karen Marston wrote to me with a pitch for Be A Freelance Blogger. After weeks of nothing but terrible pitches (it was a particularly bad month!), Karen wrote in with a pitch that was dead-on for our niche and ended like so:

“…there will be an intro and a conclusion to go along with this one, and the bullet points will be padded out more where necessary.

So, them’s my pitches! I guess a little intro would go down well too, eh? I’m Karen, and I run Untamed Writing, where I do freelance writing for my own clients, while also teaching a course to help complete newbies get their own freelance writing businesses off the ground in 4 weeks. I’ve been running my biz since September 2012, mostly through outbound marketing methods. I’ve finally decided to switch to inbound, hence the guest posting  So far I’ve only had one guest post published, over at Location 180, so you can check that out if you want to see evidence of my guest posting ability. I’ve also had an idea approved by Tom Ewer, for when he launches his Paid to Blog blog

I was so delighted by her spectacular pitch that I asked her to send a draft immediately. And I was so charmed by her personality that I sought her out to be my new friend. And we’ve been chatting ever since.

I think you’ll love this e-mail interview with her. (Just don’t like the UK spellings throw you off!). Continue reading “People I Know: Karen Marston”

People I Know: Mark Ceb

Mark Ceb is a part-time freelance illustrator and YouTube content creator. For the latter, he writes essays — thoughtful analyses of modern culture and video games — and then records them as videos. (Technology-minded freelance writers/journalists/bloggers take note!).

Mark Ceb (self-portrait)
Mark Ceb

How I Know Mark

I’m not going to go as in-depth in this section as I usually do. As you may have guessed by the fact that there’s no picture of Mark Ceb at the top of this page — and the additional fact that even the illustration of him has a censor bar over the eyes! — Mark is a bit of a private person. Despite the fact that he’s becoming more and more of a public figure, he values his privacy in his private life and I want to respect that.

But I will say this: We originally met in 2013 thanks to the StreetPass feature on our Nintendo 3DSes. Since then, Mark has become a close friend of mine and my boyfriend’s.

As a friend, Mark has never been anything but sweet and one of the most caring people you could ever hope to meet. As a freelancing creative, Mark is always a true professional — calm, respectful, ethical, and original.

This e-mail interview doesn’t do him justice. So go check out his work after you read it! Continue reading “People I Know: Mark Ceb”