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Coming Soon…

Once I’m well, I’ll write things here. I’m currently waiting for surgery (I write health-related updates on my GoFundMe page) and won’t be sharing any new articles/posts until that’s behind me.

In the meantime, check out my About page to get a feel for what’s going to go here.

Or, if you’re a horror fan, check out my articles on

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lauren*
PS: If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll announce when I make any new posts here or on my GFM. I’ll also try to update THIS blog post (“Coming Soon…”) with any major news so you’ll know I’m still alive and intending to return (not everyone is on social media).

UPDATE [6/11/2021]: My biopsies came back negative and my surgery is scheduled for 7/23/2021! I should be back to LittleZotz Writing (this blog) and by October 2021 if not a little sooner. Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE [6/14/2021]: As stated in my last two blog entries, I’m no longer accepting guest posts. And, as it states on my About page, I’m not for hire. I enjoy socializing, when able, but emails about guest posting and/or “opportunities” just clog up my inbox and frustrate me. I do “okay” keeping up with random emails under normal circumstances but, for now, I’m prioritizing messages from my doctors and people I know personally. Thank you.