Author: Alexandra Peel

Alexandra is a visual artist turned writer, currently working a 'real' job as a Learning Support Practitioner in a F.E/H. E college. She writes horror, speculative fiction, sci-fi, and more, and is the author of a number of short stories that can be found in The Asterisk Anthology, Game Over , Tick Tock, Sticks & Stones and The Singularity magazine. A member of Wirral Writers, she can be spotted lurking on the edges of Twitter, or you may visit her blog – Flailing Through Life – should you so desire.

How to Start Blogging Later in Life

Illustration by Ramiro Roman

So, you’re interested in blogging? You’ve never written anything before…and you are no longer considered young. How’s that going for you? Tough isn’t it?

Brain Ache

‘When I get older losing my hair, Many years from now’ …so goes the opening line of The Beatles song, ‘When I’m 64’.

Though I’m not quite 64; even though it sometimes feel like it; no seriously, being middle-aged everything hurts or creaks, and I mean everything – even my brain at times, entering the ‘Blogging Arena’ later in life can be hard work.

You need to get the right head on. 

Millennials VS. Generation X

It’s a young persons game isn’t it? All that technology and stuff that never existed until the late 1990s – by which time some of us were already fully-formed adults with kids of our own and probably set in our ways.

“In my day…” comes the desperate, confused and, quite frankly, moany response from the non ‘Millennials.’ I’m Generation X; post Baby Boomer, pre Millennial; what was once described as the ‘alienated youth’.

Well I’ll be damned if I’ll be alienated in later life! Continue reading “How to Start Blogging Later in Life”