Products I Love ♥

The following are products I use every day. I love them and truly believe you will too. That said, all links on this page are my affiliate links for the respective companies mentioned. If you make a purchase using my links, I'll earn a small commission for referring you (at no additional cost to your purchases!). Thank you for helping me and the businesses I adore!

Lauren Spear modeling stylish cat-eye glasses from (affiliate)

Whether you actually need glasses to see (me!) or just want a stylish accessory, has you covered. They have hundreds of styles available, all at affordable prices. (Pro Tip: Check the Sales/Deals section on their website for additional savings!)

I've been buying my glasses exclusively from since 2012. I have regular prescription eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and (my personal fave!) prescription blue blocker lenses. I'm hooked!


I've been wearing KISS nails since 1999! Glue-on nails are a HUGE part of my life/identity/wellbeing.

My favorite KISS nails are their Gel Fantasy line. They're pre-painted and always gorgeous. Though I also like kicking it Old School and buying the "KISS 100 Full-Cover Nail Kit" (it comes with blank nails and a bottle of glue) and painting them myself for added self-expression.

Their imPRESS line of press-on (pre-glued) nails are also great and work well for nail newbies (or peeps looking for a more temporary level of glam). KISS also has a line of cruelty-free, skin-focused makeup (JOAH) that you might dig! Use code JOAHCJ for 20% off your order across all three brands (limit one use per customer)!

Lauren Spear holding a boxed set of KISS (affiliate) Gel Fantasy glue-on nails
Lauren Spear chewing on a Kryptobite XXT necklace from ARK Therapeutic (affiliate)

ARK Therapeutic (Special Chewing Needs)

I'm pretty much always chewing. It's my main "stim." I chew when I'm frustrated, when I'm thinking (I'm chewing as I write this!), when I'm bored... My mouth always NEEDS to be doing something!

Growing up, my chewing needs were extremely troublesome. I would often damage myself (via biting my arms) or property (I had a habit of chomping on remotes and video game controllers). As an adult, my need to chew led to a lot of snacking (cue MASSIVE weight gain) as well as a nicotine habit.

Then, in 2020, when it became clear I needed to remove a defective organ, I had to make some lifestyle changes to be surgery-safe — as in drop a few pounds and quit the nic! ARK Therapeutic's chewelry (chewable jewelry) helped me do that.

I'm what they refer to as an "avid chewer." I love ARK's XXT (extra extra tough!) line of chewing products. My favorite designs are the ARK Krypto-Bite® and all of the "beefy" dog tag-style chews (especially the BOO Chew® with the adorable ghost on the front!). They also have softer chews if your needs aren't as extreme as mine (or if you just prefer a little more "squish").

From autism stim needs to speech pathology devices to teething toys for babies to helpful alternatives for harmful vices, ARK Therapeutic has "chew" covered!

OneOdio Headphones

When I started the Podcast, I quickly realized that I needed some good headphones. I also realized that I couldn't afford good headphones... or so I thought!

OneOdio headphones are quality audio equipment at bargain prices. (I paid $35 for mine and got a second pair for free as part of a promo/special they had!).

I use my OneOdio wired headphones primarily for podcasting (recording, editing, transcribing) and listening to music. I also love them for the (thankfully rare!) times I'm forced to talk on the phone. Mine came with two cords — a thick cord ideal with audio recording and a thinner cord with a built-in microphone. They also carry Bluetooth/wireless headphones and earbuds. You can also choose between noise-isolating or noise-canceling for a listening experience tailored to your personal preferences.

Lauren Spear closing her eyes and enjoying music coming through her OneOdio (affiliate) headphones