About Lauren Spear

Lauren Spear wearing a HorrorFam.com t-shirt, Lauren's eyeball showing off some makeup, a hot pink + blue zotz coin, and Lauren Spear's face without her glasses on.

My name is Lauren Spear. My nickname is LittleZotz. I write.

LittleZotz.com is my personal website where I write about whatever I feel like at any given moment. The blog here updates very sporadically and doesn't have any particular "theme" other than I wrote everything...

For my horror-specific writing + podcasting, head to my other website, HorrorFam.com!

Thanks for stopping by! ♥

About LittleZotz Writing

In 2010, I started LittleZotz Writing (littlezotz.com) as an online portfolio and a way for me to connect with freelance writing/editing clients. I chose to make my lifelong nickname — "Little Zotz" — my brand name.

As my career (and this website) progressed, I branched out to help fellow writers transition into freelancing. LittleZotz Writing's tagline became "Writing for Businesses. Advice for Writers."

Things went really well! My blog won a bunch of awards...

...and then, ten years later, I just couldn't do it anymore.

So, I don't.

I'm not for hire.

As for freelance writing advice: you can still read my old blog posts (2010-2020) if you want to. And you can download the old freebies. Much of the information is outdated/irrelevant, but not all — and a lot of the posts are still pretty entertaining.

These days, I use my LittleZotz Writing platform to write about things that are personal/important to me. Things that aren't relevant to HorrorFam.com but I still need to publish somewhere.

I'm not really sure what else to say (and this About page is already getting pretty long...), so I'm just going to end this here. Check out my NEW blog!

Fun Facts:

  • My name used to be Lauren Tharp.
  • I'm married to Frank Spear.
  • My parents are both horror artists/I grew up in the horror industry.
  • I was born without my right hip.
  • I spend most of my time working on or thinking about HorrorFam.com