Still Alive, Still Not Accepting Guest Posts

Hey, Everyone!

I just wanted to make another quick update. As I stated in October 2020, I’m no longer accepting guest posts on LittleZotz Writing. That’s still true and will continue to be true.

Going forward, LittleZotz Writing is going to be drastically different from what it was. You’ll still be able to read all of the old content (I created an “Old Blog” category where all of the 2010-2020 posts will be stored); however, the new content will be much different. And it will all be written by me (Lauren Spear AKA LittleZotz) again. No more guest writers on LZW.

I will still be accepting guest posts on my other website, Unfortunately, I won’t be able to accept any guest posts any time soon due to my ongoing health issues. I’ll make an announcement when I’m accepting posts over there again.

As for my health, thanks to generous donations on my GoFundMe, I now have the funds needed for surgery. We also have the surgeon and the anesthesiologist on board. Right now, we’re just…endlessly waiting. You can read the updates on my GoFundMe for all the details but, basically, everything is “good to go” except for the facility where the hysterectomy is to be performed. So, we’re stuck waiting until the surgery center’s owners can sort out their issues and let us set the date. That’s been very frustrating. But, overall, things are looking a lot more hopeful than they were. We’ve made more progress in the past few weeks than we did in the past several months, so I can’t complain too much.

Thank you for checking on me. I’ll update again when I’m able. I can’t wait to be well and share my LittleZotz Writing + plans with you all!

Keep me in your prayers. Thank you again.

Until next time,

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