People I Know: Joy Collado

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Joy Collado is an absolutely adorable Filipina freelance writer. Just like her name implies, her writing will bring you joy.

Joy Collado
Joy Collado

How I Know Joy

I met Joy Collado a few years ago through my role as Associate Editor of Be A Freelance Blogger. She had major presence in the free community and we quickly became friends behind-the-scenes as well. She was even one of the first people to read my YA novel when it was published in 2013!

Joy was also there for me — both then and now — during my struggles with depression. Whenever I posted a note on my personal blog or on Twitter about my not feeling well mentally, Joy was one of the first to wish me well and offer helpful advice. Heart emojis all around!

But in addition to being a sweetie-pie, Joy is also a talented freelance writer and virtual assistant. I think you’ll love my e-mail interview with her. Read on!

My Interview with Joy Collado

What do you do?

I work as a home based Customer Support. Actually, my official job title is Customer Support Superstar. 😉 I also do freelance blogging and project based virtual assistance gigs on the side.
I usually write about topics that I love like, health, beauty and wellness, women empowerment, and of course, writing. And when inspiration strikes, I write short stories.
Writing fiction is a way for me to escape, a way for me to discover more about myself. In fact, I joined an anthology and we’re publishing soon! The title of the book is The Ring Anthology.

How did you start?

Three years ago I was employed at one of the biggest banks in my country (I live in the Philippines). Deep inside I knew I was different. My colleagues started to dream of promotion, a dream I shared with them at the start. Then as time went on, I started wishing I won’t be promoted. I know, it’s crazy. I knew I wanted to leave my job and do something I loved. But I didn’t know what that was. 
It came to the point when I told my husband almost every night that I wanted to quit my job and wanted to do something different. Most of my college and employment years were spent crunching numbers. I almost forgot about my passion of writing. Maybe it’s because I took up an Accountacy major in college, and an accounting job after that. I feel like that took away the creativity in me.
When I got bored at work, I started blogging about my hobbies and my interests. Not long after that, I discovered I could work from home as a VA. I applied as one and soon left my day job.

What’s your favorite part of what you do?

Being able to do what I love. I also love the flexibility of my schedule. And the perks of being able to work with clients I love, writing about topics I enjoy writing about.

What advice do you have for someone looking into doing what you do?

Learn to get out of your comfort zone. Fear will always be there, but if you really want to explore what’s out there for you, you must learn how to jump and do it afraid.
There will be challenges for sure, but you’ll never know how great you can become if you don’t get out of your shell.

What’s next for you?

I’m working with a fellow Filipino, Ann Kristine Peñaredondo, in a podcast. It’s called The Joy and Ann Show. The aim of the show is to help other Filipinos work online and earn a living right at the comfort of their homes.


Joy’s Blog and Fiction:
The Joy and Ann Show:
Follow Joy on Twitter: @Joy Collado

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me Lauren! I learned more about myself by doing this interview. And your intro melted my heart! 🙂

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