People I Know: Anthony Dejolde

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Anthony Dejolde is becoming one of the most in-demand Filipino writers for hire! Check out how he got his start and what’s next for this genuinely nice guy.

Anthony Dejolde
Anthony Dejolde

How I Know Anthony

Anthony Dejolde is one of my success stories! A former mentee, Anthony has become an in-demand freelance writer for hire — and I couldn’t be more proud.

On a more personal note, Anthony and I met on Be A Freelance Blogger, and got to know each other in the community. A proud Filipino man, Anthony was very intrigued by the fact that I have several Filipino friends and two Filipina great aunts (by marriage). And he got a BIG laugh when I told him about the time I confused the Tagalog words for “vomit” and “vinegar” at a friend’s debut (the pinay version of a quinceanera) dinner.

Anthony is always eager-to-please and a genuinely nice guy. I think you’ll like this e-mail interview with a writer I now consider my friend.

My Interview with Anthony Dejolde

What do you do?

Word-crafting. To put it another way — writing. I help businesses tell their stories with articles or blog posts. Sad to say, some of them think they don’t have engaging stories, and in many of these cases, what do I do? I chat them up; interview them. I practically siphon out the juicy stories from them that they think they don’t have. I help them bring out those stories, or the ones they tucked away and have forgotten; then, once unearthed, I make sure those tales sparkle — especially when they’re ready to be presented to their audience.

Also, I assist them to reach their target market by creating content (articles, reports, blog posts, etc.) that resonates with their audience.

Before I can come up with engaging content, though, I need to collaborate with them thoroughly first. Depending on the client’s communication style, I’d have to chat with them on Skype, phone, or on email for several sessions before we can really pin down what they want me to produce.

Once we can decide what they want to come up with, I do my best to engage their audience with the content I create and by the same piece of writing, I help make way for them to sell their products or services.

Anthony, hard at work!
Anthony, hard at work!

How did you start?

Here’s my story:

My business failed. I got depressed for some time. And after I recovered, I went looking for something to do to earn a living. Like you, I needed to eat and pay bills, right? “And, what should I do every day while I didn’t have a source of income?,” I asked myself. “Watch TV ’til my eyes fall out?”

Nope. I decided this wasn’t for me. So, after a few days hiding, shrinking in my cave, nursing a broken spirit, and pitying myself due to the failure of my business, I started exploring other stuff I could do. This led me to the blogosphere.

At that time, my wife’s friend told her about oDesk (now called Upwork.) Yes, the freelancing site. In fact, she told her, she knows some people who are earning good income from the site.

I went checking and exploring it. Then on the site, I found a job writing about art; about paintings, sculpture, films, photography, etc,. I applied, and surprisingly I got the gig. It was surprising ’cause I didn’t have any experience doing this kind of writing. (Yes, it’s on oDesk where I got my first client from the Web.)

From there I found out I could earn some moola (enough to make me smile) remotely catering to clients. As I went along, I like working at home writing articles, reports, blog posts, and whatever piece of writing businesses’ need.

However, I have to mention, since high school, I was writing songs, hundreds of them, and have written essays safely tucked in my files. And when I started riding on the airwaves as a DJ/broadcaster for an FM radio, I learned copywriting and newswriting. Yep, I started writing when I was very young; when I was around 13 years old.

Anthony Dejolde
Anthony Dejolde

What’s your favorite part of what you do?

The wordsmithing part. I love creating. I see this as a way to emulate God. Creating something out of nothing is a God-like endeavor. You start with a blank page and you end up with an article, a blog post, or a chapter of a book.

Almost like magic! (I love it.)

That’s the way I see the process of writing. Oh… not to forget… I love the reading part, too. Before I can start any piece of writing, I read for a few hours first. This is usually how I get into the word-crafting zone. However, it really depends on the situation. There are days I can start writing once I sit down and face the blank page. To me, this usually happens early in the morning upon waking up or around eleven in the evening before retiring for the day.

What advice do you have for someone looking into doing what you do?

When I started I had a hard time staying alone for hours on end. After two hours, or even shorter, I would be standing up and running out to see people, or even just to go for a short walk to breathe some fresh air. There were times I felt lonesome. Feeling somewhat constricted staying indoors for half of the day.

If you want to write for a living, I suggest you search your heart. Find out if you can stand being alone and working for hours. If you can’t, don’t even think about it. You might end up regretting you even started following this path.

Another thing, better find out whether you can stand being rejected frequently. Being a freelance writer puts you in an environment susceptible to rejections. Prospects may and can reject you any time. You must accept this fact.

However, if you discover that you really love writing and are eager to pursue it, I recommend you to start writing frequently, now. You’ll need the practice when you’ll finally be launching your business and be given loads of assignments.

Start learning to deal with clients. Delve into how to run a business because being a freelance writer is running a business. Your business is offering writing services and selling products that you create.

Learn about marketing too. Without marketing skills you won’t thrive as a freelance writer.

Anthony public speaking.
Anthony public speaking.

 What’s next for you?

Creating products. Ebooks and traditionally published books. I want to create products — mostly written — that will help people reach their utmost potential. Both inspirational and how-to books that will help them become successful in whatever they want to do with their lives.

I also want to pump up my blog. I want to build a huge email list so I can touch more lives. Having a big email list will make it easier for me to sell products. Another item on my list that’s on high priority now is to write for more high authority websites so I can extend the reach of my influence.

Lastly, a podcast is part of the long range plan.


The Write Freelance (Official Site)

@AnthonyDejolde (Twitter)


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  1. Hello brother Anthony! So happy to read about your interview! I’m so happy & proud of you as one of my brother- in -Christ. Keep up the good work on your new endeavor . Maybe in God’s time we could help each other in our personal businesses we engaged into. To God be the Glory! Miss you all brothers & sisters in COOS.God bless! Regards to all!

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