[AUDIO] Valerie Bordeau on the Importance of Writing Communities


In this 35 minute episode, Valerie Bordeau of the Freelance Writers Academy and I discuss:

  • Why fellow writers are not “the competition.”
  • Why joining a writing community could be good for your health.
  • The power of being transparent.


Special thanks to SIKORA for my theme music and Ramiro Roman for my album art!

5 thoughts on “[AUDIO] Valerie Bordeau on the Importance of Writing Communities

  1. Thank you Lauren for inviting me on your show! I had a great time and enjoyed having this much-needed conversation on the importance of writing communities. We writers really need to stick together and lean on one another in this profession to help each other grow to the best of our abilities.

    1. Thank you again for being on my show! I was really nervous because I did it without a list of questions in front of me (I got complaints about my interview with Sophie because people could tell I was reading off questions rather than letting the conversation flow naturally…).

  2. Hi Lauren,
    Great podcast. As a KPAL member, Valerie is a mentor of mine and I can say her authenticity is as advertised. I have a question on a topic that came up in this podcast: the “gimme gimmees” you get in your inbox. Sometimes I want to reach out to other writers and influencers but I hesitate because I don’t want to come across as that “gimme gimme” leach. The thing is, how do you know what would be of value to that person, especially if you’re a writer just starting out who doesn’t have a tribe or audience of your own? Can you share one or two things someone can offer that would provide value to you personally? I think there are many writers who could benefit from this topic being discussed.

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