[AUDIO] Why You Shouldn’t Place Articles for Your Clients

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In this three minute episode, I quickly explain:

  • Why placing articles is nearly impossible for writers, even if you want to take on the job.
  • Why placing articles is bad for your — and possibly your client’s! — reputation.
  • How placing articles can get you into legal trouble.

Don’t get into trouble by being unaware of the potential fallbacks of these commonly-asked-for gigs!


Special thanks to SIKORA for my theme music and Ramiro Roman for my album art!

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2 thoughts on “[AUDIO] Why You Shouldn’t Place Articles for Your Clients

  1. I honestly can’t click away fast enough whenever I see a gig asking for people to place articles for them! I agree 100% – it’s just too much hassle and stress to place an article for another person/company. Not to mention it says a lot about that person/publication’s inability to market their own content.

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