[AUDIO] Sophie Lizard on the Guest Post Pitching Process

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Sophie Lizard of Be A Freelance Blogger joins in on this special 14-minute episode to share:

  • What makes a pitch stand out from the crowd.
  • The most common reasons a pitch gets rejected by an editor.
  • How to deal with rejection if your pitch isn’t accepted.
  • Her favorite trick for getting pitches read by editors.

And, at the end, we have an announcement about our upcoming book! Tune in!


Special thanks to SIKORA for my theme music and Ramiro Roman for my album art.

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2 thoughts on “[AUDIO] Sophie Lizard on the Guest Post Pitching Process

    1. Thanks for the head’s up, Alicia! I must have forgotten to reinstall them after my site got wrecked. Added them back in now. 🙂

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