People I Know: Williesha Morris

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Williesha Morris is an adorable freelance writer/blogger/administrative consultant. Read on to see how she got started (and how you can follow in her footsteps!).

Willesha Morris
Willesha Morris

How I Know Williesha

To put it simply: Williesha and I travel in the same circles.

Nearly every writing-related blog I frequent, Willi was right there too! We commented on so many of the same articles that I finally couldn’t contain my curiosity. “Who is this Williesha Morris?” I thought.

I clicked on her name on one of her comments and was taken to her website. I looked around and liked what I saw. But, it was her articles on interracial marriage that finally caused me to reach out and introduce myself. As part of an interracial couple myself, her writing truly touched me — and we’ve had several lovely conversations because of it.

Since I’ve now known Williesha for over a year, I can proudly call her one of the “People I Know.” And I think you’ll enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.

Willi isn’t afraid to be a little silly!
Willi isn’t afraid to be a little silly!

My Interview with Williesha Morris

What do you do?

I’m an administrative consultant and a writer. I like using the term, “administrative consultant” instead of “virtual assistant” not just because it sounds fancy, but because it encompasses more of what I do.

I have a desire to assist local folks in person, not just virtually, and several times I’ve simply consulted people on steps to take in their business and not necessarily do the tasks myself. I like to say I’m the latest and greatest hair loss product — I keep ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners from pulling their hair out!

I’m very happy to say that since I’ve dedicated my time to this business, I’ve done a variety of writing projects, including guest blogging, ghostblogging, web page copyediting/writing, product/course content creation, and journalism assignments for local magazines and newspapers.

I’m currently an editorial assistant for OfficePro magazine, the trade pub for the International Association of Administrative Professionals. It’s the first major gig that successfully combined my love for admin and writing work.

How did you start?

I actually did “stringer” work way back in college — basically a freelancer for the newspaper, which helped give me a nice taste of what was to come.

After I got my journalism degree, I worked for 3 years for a couple of papers, notably the largest one in South Carolina. That helped me tremendously in my future writing career.

In 2006, once I realized the print industry was really in a freefall, I did a bit of freelancing for about two years, then went back to working full time and began my career as an admin.

Fast forward to 2012. I lost my job a week before my wedding. Needless to say, it sucked. But I decided to put it on the backburner of my mind to enjoy myself and my new husband. I already started a professional blog, so I decided to dedicate my free time to building that site and doing freelancing and admin work.

I still occasionally apply for outside jobs if they sound interesting, but at the moment I’m just doing the solo thing.

What’s your favorite part of what you do?

Other than the variety of having different clients and projects, my favorite part of what I do isgetting to know people.

Doing feature profiles has been my favorite thing to do since I was in high school, and I’m so happy I get to incorporate that into my work now. I may gripe about an interview or client consult beforehand if I’m tired or feeling lazy, but after it’s done, I feel great and wished they’d last more than the half hour I typically allot.

Williesha in action!
Williesha in action!

What advice do you have for someone looking into doing what you do?

Don’t wait until you’re in dire straits to get started like I did. If you’re working full time at a day job, start putting money aside. Remember, you’ll need money not just for living expenses, but also for investing back into your business, such as website hosting fees, travel, etc. I was fortunate and have a loving hubby who works full time so I can pursue this crazy lifestyle.

Also, I’ve learned from several writing mentors that you don’t need a journalism degree to be a great writer. Going to J-school was extremely challenging, useful and fun. It was essentially a dream come true for me, but it’s not needed to be successful. You just need writing practice and drive.

What’s next for you?

I’m in the (ever-so slow) process of working on a book about positive lessons and habits I learned from ex-boyfriends and ex-friends. I really want readers to not just get closure about these past relationships, but I also want to trigger positive memories for people when they think about them. It’s been difficult, as the bad memories are more engrained in my mind.

I will continue to pursue this business hardcore. I still have a lot of room for more clients, so I want to fill those slots. I hopefully can gain more awesome speaking engagements and interviews like this one! I’m trying to get over my fear of marketing myself and public speaking.


I live online, so if you’d like to get in touch with me, the best place to start is, my pro blog and portfolio. It features all the ways the contact me, including my current fave — Twitter.

You can email me at

I also keep a personal blog at


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