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Out of nearly two BILLION websites on the internet, you somehow ended up on mine! I'm honored. WELCOME!!

My name is Lauren Spear. "LittleZotz" is my nickname.

Growing up, I wrote because I enjoyed it — and because it was, often, the only way I could "verbalize" my thoughts. I started writing for pay as a side gig when I was around fifteen. At twenty-five, I went "pro" and made writing my sole source of income. At thirty-five, I realized that was a horrible mistake and I'd "sold out" one of the only things that gave me joy and I'd essentially rendered myself voiceless.

Now? I'm back at the beginning! I write for the pure love of writing. I hope you love it too. Thank you for stopping by!

Which LittleZotz Writing are YOU here for...?

The NEW LittleZotz Writing

You're interested in the NEW stuff?! You're fabulous! THANK YOU!!

Though, I have a confession to make: The NEW LittleZotz Writing is new to ME too! And, therefore, I'm not entirely sure how to describe it yet...

I've always wanted to help people via my writing. Though "help" means different things to me on different days.

Some days, I try to help by getting very raw and talking about super serious stuff (mental health struggles, my extremely necessary hysterectomy, why I quit being a ghostwriter, etc.) to hopefully keep others from experiencing the pains I had to go through.

Other days, I try to help by spreading cheer and sharing what I consider the best parts of life (like my favorite songs/movies/games, or a new painting I completed, or some jokes that made me laugh, or a delicious recipe!).

There's no real "theme" to the new blog other than it's all written by me, Lauren Spear (AKA LittleZotz), and that I hope your day improves when you read it. If that sounds like something you'd dig, then click this button:

The OLD LittleZotz Writing

Once upon a time, LittleZotz Writing was very gray and very "professional." Its tagline was "Writing for businesses. Advice for writers."

The original blog won multiple awards, the freebies were well-regarded, and it was overall a useful source of information for writers looking to break into freelancing.

However, the bulk of the old blog was written during the absolute worst years of my life (2007-2017). I grew to loathe the old LittleZotz Writing — I even tried to hand it off to my readers (removing "LittleZotz" from!).

I eventually realized that was silly (no "LittleZotz" at! Preposterous!) and I came back, taking LittleZotz Writing in a far more personal (and colorful!) direction.

While I still want nothing to do with most of the old content (it makes me very sad), I realized that it's a much-beloved and invaluable source of information for many of my longtime readers...

So, I made a separate section on my site for it! If you need/want the old articles, click this button:

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