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SophieLizardSophie Lizard of Be A Freelance Blogger

“Lauren is amazing. If curse words were acceptable in a LinkedIn recommendation, I’d say she’s f****** amazing.

In the months since I first hired Lauren, she’s become indispensable to me, taking care of my online community by contributing blog content, responding to comments and curating social media content. She’s a true professional: reliable, considerate and transparent.

I’ve been impressed time after time by Lauren’s high standards and her genuinely caring attitude. I intend to expand her role as my business grows, and I hope we’ll continue to work together for a long time.”

DanaSitarDana Sitar of A Writer’s Bucket List and DIY Writing

“I fell in love with Lauren’s quirky and creative writing style and became addicted to working with her for her incredible work ethic. Always spot-on and ahead of deadlines, and willing to go above and beyond to create a complete experience for readers, more than just a piece of writing.” 

AdamWarnerAdam W. Warner of WP Pro Business

Lauren consistently performs above and beyond what is asked of her and is able to take ‘brainstorm ideas’ without much detail and turn them into informative and well-researched articles.

Lauren is a true professional and you would be wise to utilize her writing talents for your projects.”

BrianMatosBrian Matos, Programming Coordinator of Matrix Media, Inc.

“Lauren’s writing and SEO improvements significantly raised the profile of our internet radio business.

Her consistent updates to our Facebook and Twitter pages helped keep our site connected with our listeners and clients. Her innovative SEO work allowed us to improve our standing on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others.

Her role was critical to the development of our brand online and we could not have sustained the level of quality in our communications to both listeners and clients without her.She would make a great addition to any company looking for someone to expand or improve their written content.”

RosieJacquelinRosie Jacquelin of Miami Paper Exporters, Inc./Miami Envelopes

“I hired Lauren to write for my business blog.* I didn’t know what to expect from the process as I’ve never worked with [a freelance writer] before.

Lauren is amazing! Right from the start she explained the whole process and gave me a free consultation which I found to be of great value.

The articles that she has written have been well-researched, are articulate, and clear on the subject matter. She is SUPER creative and brought such life to the writing. I’m extremely happy with her and her services. I can’t wait to read what she has next for me!”

*I was later told that in the short time I was with them, Miami Envelopes’ profits increased by a little over 10% as a direct result of my writing. : )

MarshalGordonMarshal Gordon, Line Producer at Risarc Productions

“Lauren is one of the most dedicated people I know. In her capcity at Risarc Productions she showed exemplary skills in all aspects of her work. She was always willing to dig a little deeper to make sure our website members were well informed. She has been a great asset to Risarc Productions.”

DanielleLynnDanielle Lynn, TheClearCopywriter.com

“Lauren has always had an innate skill with writing. Her wit flows directly from her pen and creates an enchanting read anywhere it touches.

Her creativity doesn’t stop at writing alone – she also has an artist’s eye and more ideas than a master inventor. If you’re running a business, snatch up Lauren and her talents quickly before someone else monopolizes her skills.”

RaymondYuRaymond Yu, Finance Coordinator at Operations Management Firm

“Lauren is a very talented individual with great range and knowledge. Upon reviewing her work, I’m sure you will agree that she has flexibility in the subject matters she covers.

In today’s content driven marketing strategies it is good to have someone with Lauren’s ability and demeanor. She is committed to the project from day one and will give you her best with no hidden agenda or cynicism. Her personality does not conflict with the project, making it easy to bring her aboard at any point of the project.

Take some time to review her personal work and then inspect her commercial projects; you will find she has a very solid work standard. She gives the same amount of energy on her passion projects as she does for her commercial projects.”

NathanChanNathan Chan of Foundr Magazine

“Lauren is a super awesome writer. She is a regular contributor to Foundr and I would recommend her writing abilities to anyone.“ 


“We submitted a number of articles to be written on OSHA training and out of the 10 articles that were received from a pool of eight writers, LittleZotz’s article was the best written on this complex topic.  I would recommend LittleZotz Writing for all your article needs.”

Editing, Proofreading, and Rewriting

AnnemarieCrossAnnemarie Cross of The Ambitious Entrepreneur Show

“I have had the pleasure of working with Lauren on my weekly podcast – The Ambitious Entrepreneur show. Lauren would re-write my show blurbs for me to ensure the message was interesting and compelling so that people were inspired to listen to the show. Lauren also incorporated the correct keywords that ensured our show would rank higher should someone search for specific terms.

I highly recommend Lauren’s copywriting services. She was able to take my words and create copy that not only portrayed my brand voice, but was also interesting, informative and more importantly – inspiring.

Lauren is a gifted copywriter and it has been a thrill working with her.”

Mohammad Omid, Aladdin Rugs

“Lauren finishes things quickly and is very friendly.  She does everything just the way you want it and goes above and beyond what you’d expect.  She makes sure she puts herself in the reader’s shoes and actually cares about the context of the material not just the grammar.

CyndeHermanDr. Cynde Herman, Leadership Consultant

While I think of myself as decent writer (given all my English and writing classes), I needed Lauren’s writing magic to transform my website from my boring academic dirge to a website that would attract clients by allowing them to “see” and “hear” my value, my brand, and my voice – my brilliance really.

I tend to use too many words to express my thoughts while Lauren is clear, specific, and eloquent – taking my thoughts and writing them in my voice to capture me.

Not trying to give away all of her secrets, Lauren’s writing magic also included her understanding my audience, my competition, and identifying ways for me to be “heard” for the clients I want to attract.

This process was simple, easy, and Lauren’s writing completed quickly so I could move forward with my website.

Press Releases & Media Kits

AnkitJainAnkit Jain of Ankit Earphones

“Lauren has done great work for us. Whether it be coming up with creative texts for our website or with creative and engaging posts in our social media front. It is always a pleasure to work with her. (Hired her on multiple occasions).”


Love the release. You did a great job. Thanks. We will have more to come soon.”


“I really enjoyed the press release that you wrote. I will be submitting some Direct Orders to you on the same topic and style (Press Release).  Thank You so much.”

Consulting, E-book, and Newsletter Praise

AndrewBlackmanAndrew Blackman, London

“Enjoyed @LittleZotzWrite‘s fun, informative & ebook on the freelance writer’s life http://littlezotz.com/free-e-book/  Good advice, & cartoons too!”

Paul Stark, NY

“If you’re serious about your freelance career, Subscribe to Lauren Tharp’s newsletter and snag a free copy of her remarkable e-Book! It’s smart, sassy, and designed to help you succeed.

If they gave out Oscars for being intelligently and generously helpful to fellow freelancers, Lauren had better start picking out a stunning red carpet gown right away.”

Sophie Lizard, BeAFreelanceBlogger.com

LittleZotz Writing Adventures in Freelancing by Lauren Tharp is an awesomely entertaining and educational guide to freelance writing as a job and as a lifestyle. With hand-drawn comic book images!”

The Freelance Writer’s ABCs by Lauren Tharp is an excellent free guide to freelance writing, covering topics from “Action!” to “Zzzzz… Sleep.”

JessicaBurdeJessica Burnde, PA

“When I scan my email list, my eyes zero in on LittleZotz Writing… I’m always curious–’What’s she have to say this time?’–and [Lauren does] a damn good job of following through on that curiosity by writing about either something I haven’t already heard a dozen times, or managing to take a new angle on an evergreen topic. [It's] simple, straight-forward advice that can make a big difference.

So many thanks for the time and thought put into the LittleZotz newsletter. I look forward to reading it for a long time to come!”

JenniferAlstonJennifer “JBreeze” Alston

“Lauren is amazing! Having her mentor me has been such an uplifting experience.

I am the type of person who changes my mind, every second. I underestimate my own talents. Then I make no progress because I get caught in a few hours of my own personal pity party.

She gives critique in a way that helped me see my errors but not feel bad about them. I was able to understand what I needed to do to become a better writer. She incorporates humor and humanity in her mentoring and I would highly recommend her. Even if you are advanced, what she brings to the table is a passion for learning and growth. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Thanks, Lauren. As a mentor you also became a friend and that really goes a long way in terms of success.”

Other Services I Perform That People Love

Joshua Joestar of goBeKreativ

“I figured a little bit of Haiku would be awesome for my twitter feed, so I tried out Haiku written by a lot of different people. Lauren’s Haiku actually gets read and retweeted, which is why I keep coming back to Lauren for more!”

WillieshaMorrisWilliesha Morris

Lauren is the kind of blog manager I aspire to be: she’s friendly, helpful and flexible. That’s not something you find often as many sites accepting guest bloggers can be cold. She’s the kind of person I would consider a friend, not simply a colleague.”

ValerieBordeauValerie Bordeau

“Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Lauren Tharp for my company Freelance Writers Academy on the topic of ghostwriting. Lauren went above and beyond in showing impeccable professionalism to make sure our listeners received an informative, engaging, and entertaining experience.

She showed an impressive attention to detail and went above and beyond the call of duty by providing our listeners a beautifully illustrated transcript of our interview absolutely free of charge. I truly enjoyed working with Lauren and can’t wait to work with her again on future projects.”

AncaAnca Dumitru

“‘Ridiculously efficient’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Lauren. As the associate editor of BAFB, Lauren made sure my guest contribution to the site looks professional and adds value to my writing portfolio. 

Besides that, she also shows empathy in developing and growing the BAFB community, an essential trait for someone with such a responsibility. Always positive-minded and kind, Lauren contributes with sound advice in articles’ comments as well as in the forum, guiding those who are learning the ropes of blogging as a business. 

She’d be a great asset to any team!”

BreeBrouwerBree Brouwer

“Lauren’s one of those blog managers/associate editors who does such incredible work that you will never want to let her go once she’s joined your team. She’s a professional in that she always knows what blog posts will work well for the site, and that she knows how to format and edit them so no one gets hung up on any errors. In addition, she’s cheerful, which makes your job WAY easier!” 

AliciaRadesAlicia Rades

“I loved working with Lauren. She gave great feedback to help my guest post shine, and when I asked her follow-up questions, she was quick to answer them thoroughly. Lauren made me feel welcome and a part of the BAFB community. I’m glad I got to work with her!”

LeslieLeeSandersLeslie Lee Sanders

Lauren is a very detailed-oriented editor at Be a Freelance Blogger. Her help answering questions and providing extra tips and suggestions in the comment section of my published guest blog posts added extra value to my work. 

She’s extremely knowledgeable, personable and professional, making her a joy to work with.”

JovellAlingodJovell Alingod

“Like most writers, I was afraid my guest post might be changed a lot losing the style and tone I had put into it. But that didn’t happen with Be A Freelance Blogger. Lauren made sure my guest post was polished for typos and the like and she highlighted the right words to convey my message while leaving almost all of what I’ve written intact.

Not only did this guest posting opportunity allow me to be featured in a top blog but it gave me more confidence in my writing skills. Thank you, Lauren!”

ThursdayBramThursday Bram

“Lauren is a pleasure to work with. Getting a new article ready for publication can be a stressful process, but Lauren smoothly handles the details so that writers don’t have to stress out. Instead, we get to focus on putting together the best possible final article for the discriminating readers at BAFB.”

MargaretMcGriffMargaret McGriff

“Working with Lauren on my guest post for Be A Freelance Blogger was an invaluable learning experience for me. She helped me flesh out my article to get it to the level it needed to be for the site. Her edits and examples were clear and concise and she was always available if I needed any help.” 

PinarTarhanPinar Tarhan

“Lauren has been lovely. She’s helpful, offers great tips and she welcomes your questions. You feel encouraged after talking to her, and it’s always fun. I look forward to pitching my ideas again.”

Shannon Cutts

Shannon Cutts

“Working with Lauren on my guest post for Be A Freelance Blogger was a fabulous experience. She is so warm, encouraging, and positive — not only was I on-board with all of her editing tips and suggestions, but her manner made me want to implement each one ASAP! She viewed my success as her success (which I wholeheartedly reciprocate!) I highly recommend Lauren as a writer and an editor!” 

IvySheldenIvy Shelden

“It was a pleasure working with Lauren as an Editor for Be a Freelance Blogger. Lauren has a deep understanding for the vision and voice of the website, and was able to clearly communicate that with me as a writer. Her suggestions during the editing process were excellent and helped bring out the best in my writing. My published article looked great and was clean from any errors, and I am grateful to Lauren for making it shine!” 

GwenBoyleGwen Boyle

“Lauren edited and managed my guest post on Be a Freelance Blogger, and she was wonderful to work with. Her editing suggestions were spot-on. She was quick to communicate, professional, friendly, and attentive to detail – plus, she edited and formatted the post beautifully! Thanks Lauren!” 

KirstyStuartKirsty Stuart

“Lauren was a friendly and efficient communicator throughout the process of several of my guest posts appearing on Be A Freelance Blogger. She was quick to respond to questions and queries and I knew I was in capable hands!

My final posts were published completely free of typos or grammatical errors and each were formatted effectively and to perfection.”

KarenMarstonKaren Marston

Lauren was absolutely lovely to deal with during the guest posting process over at BAFB. Her fabulous comments about my pitch helped, of course. (Ha!)

I was very happy when the post went live and saw how well it was formatted — just as I’d have done it myself. I’ve been sending everyone I can over there to take a look.”

JoyColladoJoy Collado

Lauren is friendly, smart and very helpful. My guest post for Be a Freelance Blogger was neatly polished and edited, thanks to her. I would love to work with her again in the future.” 

JennFlynnShonJenn Flynn-Shon

“Lauren was fantastic to work with! Her laid back but professional approach made the entire process of guest posting at Be A Freelance Blogger so smooth and enjoyable. When my guest post went live I was thrilled to see how well it was laid out and her suggestions for editing really helped to enhance the whole piece. Plus, it went out right on time with no snags because she was very organized and well prepared. Lauren worked with me to make sure we could bring the best information to the readers of the blog. I’d highly recommend Lauren and hope to work together again in the future!” 

RazwanaWahidRazwana Wahid

“As someone who writes for online and offline publications frequently, I’ve had many different experiences with editors. Lauren is the one who stands out the most. 100% professional and a pleasure to work with, Lauren also has a keen eye for what takes writing from good to when-the-heck-can-we-publish-this-already?!

This is why there are no hesitations on my part in recommending Lauren.

Furthermore, she’s able to give sharp, relevant feedback and be incredibly lovely about it! She knows what to say to encourage the writer to do better, and knows the keys to editing a piece to perfection.”

Edward BeamanEdward Beaman

“Lauren is a professional and diligent editor who is also very pleasant to communicate with. She took great care of my guest post for BAFB and gave intelligent and insightful suggestions to make it perfect. She definitely has a great eye for detail.”