The Newbie Writer’s Guide


The Newbie Writer’s Guide will be on sale from 5/22/13 – 6/1/13. After that, I will no longer be selling it. If you want to nab a copy after that date, you will have to grab it from Adam Warner’s WSO over on Warrior Forum. THANKS! <3

Does your current job leave you feeling unappreciated, overworked, and underpaid?  Do you wish you could quit your day job and do what you really love?  Is “what you really love” writing?

If you answered “yes” to those three questions, then I know how you feel: I’ve been there myself.  The words miserable and minimum wage job seem to go together, don’t they?  I was utterly dismayed—as I’m sure you are now!—with how my life was turning out.  And then I decided to turn things around: I became a professional writer.  And you know what?  You can too!!

But perhaps you feel a bit overwhelmed?  It can be tough being a “Newbie” in the world of professional copywriting.  Don’t worry.  I’m here for you and I’m more than happy to offer personal, helpful advice.


The Newbie Writer’s Guidecovers a variety of topics including:
  • How to get your first clients
  • How to efficiently use Textbroker
  • How to get started with Fiverr
  • How to write a Press Release (a great way to get some extra money on the side!)
  • How to set up your first website
  • How to start Blogging (and whether you should use Blogger or WordPress!)
  • How to Network online and in person
  • How to get paid what you’re worth

And much more!

I’m offering all this for $7.00!

Live your dream today!

Note: The Newbie Writer’s Guide is available in FOUR different formats: epub, mobi, PDF, and OPF!  If you choose to buy this book, you’ll be receiving a zip file that includes all four formats!  This way you can read it on your Nook, your Kindle, your computer, or just about anywhere else!


So I was lucky (Yes I said lucky) enough to receive a copy of the book written by LittleZotz and after reading that [e-book] just one word comes to mind “SIMPLY AMAZING” Okay that is 2 words but hey I am a writer not a Math Professional.

This WSO is filled with everything that any newbie NEEDS to know about freelance. In fact it may have been the most comprehensive [e-book] for new writers that I have come across. Hell I am an experienced writer and this [e-book] taught me a thing or 2 as well.

This is a simple and easy to read [e-book] and guaranteed to provide you with pertinent information that you need to jump-start your writing career.

Now if you are looking to get-rich-quick from this [e-book] then move-on. However, if you are looking for a real, practical way of generating sustained income over time and with hard work then surely this is for you.




Folks, I’m a writer by trade and it takes a lot to impress me when it comes to writing about writing. I opened up my review copy of this book this morning and read it through in one sitting. This little lady has created one of the most informative, helpful books I’ve ever seen offered on the WF, or anywhere for that matter.

The first part of the book was actually my favorite; the experiences of struggling with various jobs before finding your true purpose resonated with images of my own youth. That’s when you know that a piece of writing is good. If it has the ability to take you out of the moment and to another place, it’s a winner. This book does exactly that.

Perhaps the most refreshing thing about the book is that it is written so well. What better testimonial for a book on writing?

If you finish reading something and you’re kind of sad that it’s over then you’ve just read an excellent book. I wanted this one to go on for another 100 pages. As a matter of fact, I would like to see this book expanded and published in the main stream. It’s just that good.

The SpokesMan


I was lucky to receive a review copy of this awesome Ebook written by LittleZotz. I am reasonably new to freelance article writing and this is real gift for me. I will be utilizing all the techniques discussed in the Ebook to make progress and be successful. It’s perfect both for newbies as well as pro writers. I can easily say this is the most complete guide to succeed and grow your freelance article writing career.

I would highly recommend this Ebook especially if you are looking to build a long term and sustainable income source.

Sid Candid


I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the read.

The book will be especially useful to ‘Newbies’ and is an excellent resource for anyone who is new to freelancing. It covers setting up your website and blog and offers some great links and advice to help you get started.

The first section was very inspirational and proves that, even starting from absolutely nothing, you can have a freelance business up and earning you money if you put in the effort.

Having been a writer for a number of years it is refreshing to see such a well written ebook containing very useful information to help you start your freelance business.

Karen Connell


Do you get paid $5 per article? Er…are you trying to bleed yourself to death!?

If you’re planning on making a living writing online, or if you’d like to create a steady plan, then grab this book.

I’ve known Lauren (the author) personally and professionally for over 10 years. I’ve seen her build up her writing empire completely on her own, and her book will show you how to go from struggling fast food worker to self-empowered freelance writer 100% on you own too – in less than a year. In this book, she shares practical, real-world ways for anyone to get there.

If you’re struggling to make decent money a writer, then picking up this guide is the best thing you’ll do for your online writing career.

Danielle Lynn, The Clear Copywriter


I have had a chance to go through … THE NEWBIE WRITER’S GUIDE

LittleZotz begins by sharing the way that she began writing for a living.

She then shares her successful strategy for working as a writer, and making a decent living.

It is explained in a step-by-step manner with screen-shots that is quite easy to understand and learn from.

This report is newbie friendly.

Some of the things that are covered are ……………….

  • An excellent place to sell your services to start your professional writing career … plus getting paid fairly.
  • Which writing services are the ones that your clients will consistently pay top dollar for.
  • The best methods to showcase your writing skills for helping potential clients choose to work with you.
  • How to spread the word that you are a professional writer looking for new customers using efficient methods.
  • How to protect yourself for safely receiving payments from your customers.
  • A guideline for you to set your prices for your writing services.

If you are presently not making your desired income with Internet marketing, or wish to create a another income stream by writing as a professional for clients that are wait willing to pay you a very good price for your services … this report will help you.

In my opinion, it is very reasonably priced, and does over-deliver with a blueprint to earn a living by writing quality content, and being quite well paid for doing so.

The Debt Eliminator


I’ve just finished reading a review copy of Lauren’s ebook. What a good read. She writes beautifully, and I very much enjoyed it. Her personality really shines through in her writing.

The information inside is ideal for people who want to start freelance writing and don’t quite know how to begin. It gives several options on how to get those first few clients, as well as how to establish a web presence. All this is conveyed in an encouraging tone that will have you believing that yes, you can do this.

This is one of the better ebooks on freelance writing I’ve read, it’s easy to read and is very uplifting, and I’d certainly recommend it to those who are looking to enter the world of freelance writing.

Audrey Harvey


Before I begin, I am a freelance writer as well, and have faced similar struggles as Lauren has (she has documented them very clearly in the first chapter of the guide). I think its the humbleness that elevates this guide to another level, one which we should all aim for. The best thing about Lauren (and her guide) is that she is closer to the average lot than most other writers. I am not privy to her income levels, but in terms of experience, her efforts can be emulated within an year. But you will have to work hard to get there…Lauren has ambition, and I can see her going places with her work.

I like this guide because I would rather take advice from someone that I can relate to, rather than someone who has clients on a ‘hire me’ button and charges 100 times what I do.

My point is, Lauren is real. Her writing skills are awesome and the way she has explained everything in this guide, you will simply fell in love with her writing style – I know I did.

This guide is an excellent resource for new writers, and can be read in a single sitting (like I did). A resource like this however, could have done with an action-plan. This guide should do a tremendous job at motivating you, enhancing your skill-set and providing you with additional avenues that you might not have considered before.

Oh, I read this on Kindle, so am sure you can read this on ebook readers.

Prince Capri


It is very well written and should prove very useful to anyone wanting to start out on the road of writing for a living, particularly writing for the web.

There are sections on where to start and some detailed guidance on setting up your own website. Advice on dealing with clients and keeping them happy is also included.

For UK readers I would mention that one of the resources mentioned in the guide has a website. The link in the guide is to the dot com which is for US residents only.

All in all this guide is a must read for those who want to earn a living from freelance writing. Anyone who puts the advice given into practice and is willing to work will surely succeed.



This book is as much a personal journal as it is a teaching instrument. Have you ever noticed how much more attention is given to a story? Public speakers know this. When speaking on a topic the audience listens and retains more when a story is being told, than when mere facts and instructions are being presented.

And that’s the strength of this [e-book]. Because the author explains the ins and outs of becoming a freelance writer, by sharing her own experience of becoming one. And if you’ve got a writing bone in your body you’ll identify with her ups and downs and appreciate her success.

This book is definitely written for the newbie, which she immediately points out. It’ll take the aspiring freelance writer (newbie) through the process of going from 0 clients to becoming a paid professional – while engaging and entertaining the reader at the same time.



I just finished the ebook, and I have to admit that I’m quite impressed. This product is great! If you want to be a successful freelance writer, follow the directions in this book!

Thank you so much for this great information!