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Resources for Fellow Freelancers & Writers

These are links that you might find handy!

Freelance SwitchJobs, news, and a handy forum for freelancers.

Freelance FolderTips, news, and advice for freelancers.  My favorite contributor is Laura Spencer, but everyone else is really good too!

The Clear Copywriter – A must for anyone looking to get into copywriting!  Danielle Lynn is a whiz with words and an all-around great person.

Annemarie Cross – Annemarie Cross, aka The Ambitious Entrepreneur, has some excellent tips on branding you won’t want to miss!  Be sure to follow her on Facebook as well!  She actually takes the time to write back if you post a comment!

Amy Harrison – Another copywriting website you might enjoy.  Sign up for her Fast Copy Fridays!  She always has something funny to say.  :)

The Renegade Writer – Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell share excellent tips for freelance writers. I adore this website. In fact, I believe in their website (and their products) so much that I became an affiliate: Click here to visit The Renegade Writer. (That’s my affiliate link). Great e-books. And I also loved Linda’s “Write for Magazines” e-course! I struggle with not spending my entire bankroll whenever I stop by. Fortunately, I think at this point I’ve bought everything they currently have to offer so far as products go. O_o (I regret nothing. It was totally worth it).

Make a Living Writing – It’s exactly what it sounds like. How to make a living writing! Carol Tice’s Blog is another one where you simply must sign up for her newsletter. (Especially since you get a FREE 20 week e-course when you sign up!).

Kris Emery – Lovely writer and editor who writes humorous (and useful!) Blog posts on freelancing. With her editor’s eye, she knows how to keep her words concise. A big plus if you’re a reader without a lot of time on your hands!

DIY Writer – Dana Sitar is a self-proclaimed “freelance journalist and indie author” and her articles will teach you how to become one too. Her book, The Writer’s Bucket List is a lot of fun (I’ve already completed most of the list!)

Be a Freelance Blogger – Fantastic advice for anyone looking to get into freelance blogging. A must read! Be sure to nab Sophie Lizard’s list of 100 Blogs that pay!

Redhead Writing – A lot of swearing, but also a lot of great advice for writers. Erika Napoletano gives it to you straight with no apologies.

Jeff Goins – This Blog is one of the most consistently positive I’ve read and I love it for that. Jeff has a unique view on what being a writer–and a marketer–is all about. Especially great for budding authors!

Copyblogger – As their header says, they offer “design, traffic, and conversion solutions for WordPress.”  Their daily articles are usually quite useful (and humorous!) and I highly recommend both Scribe and StudioPress.  (And be sure to sign up for their Internet Marketing for Smart People e-course!)

Robert Bly – He can be a bit harsh at times, but if you’re looking to get into copywriting (or Internet marketing), he’s pretty much the king of the business.  I suggest signing up for his e-newsletter and picking up one or two of his books.

The Digital Writer (formerly Ghostwriter Dad) – Sean Platt offers some great words of wisdom for those looking to get into ghostwriting.  And his 30-day e-mail course was a joy to read!

Grammar Girl – Even professional writers need to brush up on their grammar from time to time!

Love Your Small Business – Just because you’re a freelancer doesn’t mean you’re a business! Positive advice on business ownership & marketing.

Warrior Forum – A fantastic resource for freelancers!  Filled with information, jobs, and free goodies, this forum is invaluable for budding entrepreneurs (and those looking to hire them!).

Clients from Hell – You’re going to get a bad client eventually.  Might as well learn to laugh about it now!  ;)   These stories about terrible clients never cease to make me laugh.

Links to Things/People I Love

These links are just a long list of things I like.  You might like them too!


RED MUSEUM – NSFW art & horror comics by Ramiro Roman, Jr. (My significant other).

SandpaperdaisyFantasy/horror art by Heather Landry, one of the sweetest ladies you could ever hope to meet.

Agent Agnes – Sometimes NSFW illustrations & comics by my friend Agnes Czaja.

3 Rexes Jewelry – Beautiful gothic/celtic jewelry by my friend Tara Greer.

Marlo MeekinsSweetly funny sketches of everyday life. And cartoon butts.

Arkham Studios – H.P. Lovecraft-inspired sculptures & bronzes by my friend Bryan Moore.

Cathy Tharp – Some of my mom’s paintings.  It’s her DeviantArt account (and she doesn’t know how to update it), but it should tide you over until she gets a real website.  (Hint, hint, Mom!)

SarahePaintings and sketches by Sarahe Roman.


Kevicaveman - Aspiring author & friend, Kevin Dieny shares his short stories here.

Hello, World! Zine – A ‘zine run by Michael Jasorka filled with art, poetry, and short comics.  (I contribute sometimes!)

Cracked – A wondrous place filled with humorous articles!  My favorite contributors are Christina H. and John Cheese.

A Novel Quest – My friend from middle school, Monique Muro, has started a personal blog that chronicles her day-to-day life as she tries to find humor and meaning…on her journey to write a novel. Or, as she says, “I call it storyblogging–the novel-writer’s easy way out.”

Julie Fast – Julie has some wonderful resources for Bi-Polar Disorder and/or Depression.  If you or someone you love is struggling with these mental illnesses, be sure to check out Julie’s work!  I’m especially fond of her book, Get It Done When You’re Depressed.

Saved by Slow Death – I met Darrin through my website (he left comments on a few of my posts). His website has some interesting insights on mental illness, AIDS, and homosexuality. His posts are filled with positivity through great adversity.  He also has an e-book out on Bi-Polar Disorder (and recovering from crystal meth addiction) that you might find interesting.


The Click Five – My favorite band.  They broke up on January 14, 2013; however, you should still check out their music. It’s great.

Quick SixtyCoffin Draggers – My friend Vincent‘s band(s). Formerly Corpse CandySet to Stone, and Damus.  (They’re young. They’ll settle on a name eventually).

Shady Characters – My friend Lucia Fasano’s band.  Be sure to check them out on Facebook as well!

Matthew Sikora – My friend Matthew from elementary school creates music now!

Michael Kindom – My friend Mike from high school creates music too!  My mom is in love with his voice, for real.  :)


Gunnerkrigg Court – A beautiful webcomic by Tom Sidell. Start at the beginning and prepare to spend your whole day there!

Nedroid – The goofy adventures of Beartato, Reginald, and the rest. By Anthony Clark.

Whomp! – Ronnie Filyaw’s incredibly awkward comicking adventures. If you don’t relate to at least something in this, you’re way too cool for me.

Gunshow – K.C. Green’s Gunshow is a bit hard to describe. It’s a weird sort of “out there” funny that sometimes makes me feel a little sad…but in a good way. I also loved his (now retired) comic Horribleville about his life as a comic artist. I suspect he may have depression.

Cowbirds in Love – An online comic that never ceases to cheer me up by Sanjay Kulkarni, a medical student and nice guy.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Sometimes inappropriate, but always hilarious – a webcomic by Zach Weiner.

Left-Handed Toons (By Right-Handed People) – It’s exactly what it sounds like…but much, much funnier. Another favorite online comic.

Questionable Content – This webcomic is so insanely famous I’m not even going to bother describing it. It has a Wiki entry for crying out loud! It’s a lot of fun. I started reading it in 2003 and never stopped.

Our Valued Customers – An artist’s interpretation of some of the wacky things he hears customers say while visiting his comic book store. (One-panel “Comics”)


Children’s Hospital Los Angeles – When I was born without my right hip, Children’s Hospital built me a new one. I try to donate to them whenever I can. Feel free to do likewise! :)

Descanso Gardens – My favorite place. It’s a beautiful botanical garden.

House of Secrets – My local comic book store! Run by my friends Paul Grimshaw, Erik Warfield, and Amy Dallen. There’s another guy who works there too, but I don’t know him.

FixNation – Free cat spay/neuter services and general feral & stray cat advice.

Fred Villari’s Studios of Self Defense (Glendale)My dojo!  I learned a lot from that place!

Function 5 Fitness – Official website of Muay Thai fighter, nutritionist, and awesome entrepreneur Roxy “Balboa” Richardson.

Jenette Bras – If you’re a busty gal like I am (D or bigger!), you’re going to love this.  Plus, the bras are sold by actress Jenette Goldstein!  Too cool.  I love her sense of humor.  :D

Schreiners Fine SausagesGood meat.

Kempo Hikes – Go for scenic martial arts-filled hikes with my friend, Master Dannon Moore.


Pudgy Kitties – It’s just a collection of pictures of fat cats, but it makes me smile. Reminds me of my cat, Dorian, who grew to be a super tubs. :3

Sri and Kira – I met Sri and Kira through my work and I adore them both!  Some may think they’re a bit “woo-woo,” but don’t be fooled!  They’re two sweet, wonderful people who believe in living a life full of positivity and joyfulness.  Even if you don’t completely understand everything they talk about (I don’t always!), I think you’ll find them to be peaceful and full of good humor–if they don’t make you smile at least a little, I’d be very surprised!

Baked Fresh with Magic – The personal Tumblr of Meg, a girl I met in Get Clicked (The Click Five’s fan club). It’s all delicious-looking baked goods and Disney stuff and Doctor Who gifs and teen/early twenties’ angst. I love it. It’s the journey of a young woman who has set out to fangirl over pretty much EVERY fandom.

Hypoglycemia Support Foundation – Roberta Ruggiero went out of her way to help me when I was first diagnosed with Hypoglycemia.  Her website is a great place to start for anyone struggling with low blood sugar.  I also highly recommend nabbing a copy of Hypoglycemia for Dummies.