Keyword Research

Oh ho! You found a secret page on my site. You sly devil! ;)
I no longer offer this service separately, but, if you order an SEO article or web-copy rewrites from me, I’ll be performing the keyword research described below and inserting said keywords into your article/copy.
Pretty cool, right?
Anyway, I’m leaving this page “up” (secretly!) because I like the illustrations I did and my sales copy amuses me. Maybe you’ll feel the same.
Enjoy! :)
–Lauren* (11/28/12) 
Are you tired of living in online anonymity? Do you feel like everyone else in your field is getting noticed except you?  Does it make you want to tear off clumps of your hair and scream profanities at the Internet search engine gods? Well, put on a hat to cover the missing chunks, take a soothing throat lozenge, and listen to this:  I can help.

Is this you?

Sometimes all you need to do to go from an online “nobody” to an online “somebody” is find the perfect word—or set of words—to put you ahead of the competition. That’s right, I’m talking about keywords; the magic “keys” that open the doors to massive Internet traffic!But who has the time to look up keywords?!  Certainly not you!  You have a business to run!That’s where I come in.For a mere one-time fee of $155 per website, I will scour through hundreds of keywords and hand pick the ones that are most relevant to your field.  Most importantly, I will also check how much traffic they’ll bring you, and scope out your competition!

That’s me…finding YOU perfect keywords for your website!

Once you have these keywords, you can use them however you like: Write up link-bait articles (or hire someone else to write them for you), build up your back links, or buy an article drip.


What you get:

  • A report on your website’s current Page Rank and the keywords/search terms your visitors are currently using to find you.
  • 15-20 “Golden” keywords (hand-picked & thoroughly researched) for your niche/topic.
  • The option to have me check out the usability of your own chosen keywords (10 or less, please) at no extra cost to you!

Crushing your online enemies never felt so good.

This could be YOU!