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[AUDIO] How to Discover Your Area of Writing Expertise

Grab a pen and a few sheets of paper and follow along with this 5 minute episode that will help you discover your area(s) of writing expertise!

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[AUDIO] Tor Refsland on Using Blogger Outreach to Get More Clients

Tor Refsland, the owner of Time Management Chef, shares how to use blogger outreach to get more clients.

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[AUDIO] The Five Non-Writing Elements Clients Expect from Freelance Writers

As freelance writers, we all know our clients expect us to write. However, in this 7-minute episode of LittleZotz Podcasting, you’ll learn the five┬ánon-writing things that are expected of you… Special thanks to SIKORA for my theme music and Ramiro

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[AUDIO] Wayne Clingman on Networking via Podcasting

Wayne Clingman shares how to use your podcast as a networking device for your freelancing career.

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[AUDIO] Valerie Bordeau on the Importance of Writing Communities

Valerie Bordeau of the Freelance Writers Academy shares why writing communities are so important.

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[AUDIO] The Pros and Cons of Content Mills

In this 5 minute episode, you’ll learn: The three best things about content mills. The three worst things about content mills. Why there’s no shame in starting out in a mill. Why you should ultimately leave. *** Special thanks to

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[AUDIO] Why You Shouldn’t Place Articles for Your Clients

It only takes three minutes to hear why placing articles for clients is super shady.

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[AUDIO] 10 Tips for Ethical Writing

Writing Ethics 101! Spend six minutes with Lauren to get the basics — and a free PDF printout!

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[AUDIO] Getting Over Analysis Paralysis

Get over your analysis paralysis with the help of this 3-minute episode of LittleZotz Podcasting!

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[AUDIO] Sophie Lizard on the Guest Post Pitching Process

Sophie Lizard of Be A Freelance Blogger shares how to get your guest post pitches accepted by editors.

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