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7 Things You’ll Need to Know Before Becoming a Managing Editor

After just over five years of being the Managing Editor of Sophie Lizard’s Be a Freelance Blogger, I finally said “so long” to the job. Why? Well, long story short, it’s because I’m now a full-time content editor for Syed

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6 Ways to Manage Your Fears and Turn Around Your Freelance Blogging Career

Do you know what happens when you allow fear to take up ownership of your life? DOUBT, HURT, WHAT IF’S Some define F- E- A- R as False Evidence Appearing Real You know that all too familiar fear when you

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Better Blog Writing Tips for Beginners

Blogs are well-known as internet logs or platforms that allow you publish your thoughts on almost any subject you’d like to. Nevertheless, if you’re a beginner to blogging, as well as to advertising, there are some essential things that you

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3 Powerful Productivity Tips to Become a Better Freelance Blogger

Becoming an efficient blogger with a productive way of working is crucial to success. It’s unlikely that your blog will fail from a lack of love for your topic. After all, you took the time to get started. That’s more

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6 Steps to Get Started as a Freelance Blogger

You have been blogging for a while and you think it’s finally time. You want to stretch your wings and fly into the world of freelance blogging! You’re not sure what to expect though, or if you’re even qualified to

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How to Start Blogging Later in Life

So, you’re interested in blogging? You’ve never written anything before…and you are no longer considered young. How’s that going for you? Tough isn’t it? Brain Ache ‘When I get older losing my hair, Many years from now’ …so goes the

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How to Discover Your Writing Passions

You like to write, you like to explain yourself, you like to describe things, but you just don’t know what to write about or how to write about it. You continuously struggle with not being able to grasp what you

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How to Be a Perfect Guest Writer

Imagine for a moment that a friend has invited you over for lunch. When you get to your friend’s house, you not only eat their food, but you take a shower in their bathroom and sleep in their bed. Then,

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Write About Any Tough Topic in Two “Easy” Steps

As freelance writers, sometimes we get hired to write about tough topics. I’ve written about mental health issues, domestic violence, rape, and any number of other negative issues. And it can be rough to get through! However, writing about depressing

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Know the Difference: Pitching, Querying, and LOIs

This is one of the most important blog posts on this site if you’re serious about freelance writing. Every writer – whether you write fiction or non-fiction – needs to learn how to pitch to editors. Or query them. Or

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