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[AUDIO] How to Discover Your Area of Writing Expertise

Grab a pen and a few sheets of paper and follow along with this 5 minute episode that will help you discover your area(s) of writing expertise!

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Why and How to Let Go of Your Worst Client

Here are four great reasons to kick your worst client to the curb — and exactly how to do it!

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What to Do When You’ve Lost Your Motivation to Blog

Are you “bored” with your blog? Here’s how you can get back in the groove and start writing again!

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Are Freelancers Allowed to Get Sick?

As we all know, freelancers are absolutely invincible! Freelancers never get sick. It isn’t allowed! We aren’t hired to fall ill, we’re hired to work. But, of course, there are a few of us in the freelancing business who are

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LittleZotz Writing’s 6 Year Anniversary

My name is Lauren Tharp. I started my freelance writing career as a teenager (over 15 years ago) and never stopped. On August 17th of 2010, I opened up LittleZotz Writing and I made freelance writing + editing my sole source of

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[AUDIO] Tor Refsland on Using Blogger Outreach to Get More Clients

Tor Refsland, the owner of Time Management Chef, shares how to use blogger outreach to get more clients.

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[AUDIO] The Five Non-Writing Elements Clients Expect from Freelance Writers

As freelance writers, we all know our clients expect us to write. However, in this 7-minute episode of LittleZotz Podcasting, you’ll learn the five non-writing things that are expected of you… Special thanks to SIKORA for my theme music and Ramiro

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People I Know: Joy Collado

Joy Collado is an absolutely adorable Filipina freelance writer. Just like her name implies, her writing will bring you joy.

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[AUDIO] Wayne Clingman on Networking via Podcasting

Wayne Clingman shares how to use your podcast as a networking device for your freelancing career.

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How to Define Your Job as a Freelance Writer

  When I first launched LittleZotz Writing, I would frequently get e-mails from visitors asking if I could design their website, create a flyer in Photoshop, or “whip up some background art” for their landing page. While I was flattered that those

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