M is for Meaning: Why You Write

Illustration by Ramiro Roman.

Illustration by Ramiro Roman.

At some point in your freelance writing career, you will consider quitting.

Maybe the “famine” part of the Feast or Famine Cycle hit you overly hard and you’re not making enough money…

Maybe you’re ill and physically feel like you can’t go on…

Maybe you’ve had a string of clients who treat you cruelly…

Maybe you have no clients at all…

Or maybe you’ve been doing the same job–the job you swore you’d always, always love–for way too long. You’re burned out.

It’s natural to feel like quitting when the odds are stacked against you.

But that’s when you most need to tap into your true purpose–why you do what you do.

Finding Meaning in Your Writing

Why did you become a freelance writer? (Or why do you want to become one?)

Is it because writing enriches your life?

Because you love it and can’t imagine doing anything else?

Because you see writing as the most fulfilling gateway to your life’s Ultimate Purpose?

Because making a living through writing is not only your dream–but the means to achieving all of your dreams?

Those are my reasons. What are yours?

Be honest. Look deep within yourself.

When you feel like quitting–when perseverance feels like a pointless effort–you have to search for something deeper. Making money isn’t enough. Technically, you can make money working at any job (that’s what makes it a job).

Why do you write?

Is Finding Your Purpose Really That Important?

Yes. Yes, it is.

In 2012 I met Janine Ogg & Jo Foster of Love Your Small Business. Janine and Jo are two women dedicated to helping others find their greater purpose–and then helping them to apply that purpose to their small businesses.

I discovered J&J at a time when I was questioning my purpose. When I was looking for Meaning in my writing career.

In their book, Work Less, Earn More, Make a Difference, Jo and Janine share exactly WHY tapping into your greater purpose–why finding Meaning in your work–is so gosh-darned important:

“A clear sense of purpose gives you the drive and determination you need to knuckle down & make the most of all the great tools and opportunities available to you. The drive and determination you need to do the work.

When you act in accordance with your true calling or life’s purpose, you will persist until you succeed. You will overcome obstacles again and again. You will never give up because you passionately believe in what you are doing. When you create this mindset and level of commitment for yourself, you cannot fail.

A clear purpose gives you a sense of clarity and direction that will accelerate your progress massively. You will get to where you want to be much faster.

Without a clear sense of Purpose and an answer to the Why? of what you do, you are more likely to find yourself 2, 10 or even 20 years into your journey wondering where you went off track and why you have never quite managed to build a business that gives you that sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment you dreamt of.


When the times get tough–when you feel like quitting–you’ll need to prioritize more. You’ll need to ask yourself if writing is still your top priority.

Does it still enrich your life? Do you still enjoy it?

Can you find Meaning in your writing?

Is writing your Meaning?

If not, then maybe freelance writing isn’t for you.

And that’s okay.

But you’ll need to ask yourself some tough questions to know for sure.

Get askin’.

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