Awaiting My Business Cards

After spending months admiring other people’s business cards, I finally decided to get some of my very own.  They should be here in two weeks!

Lauren Tharp’s Business Card

Cheap As Free

I went ahead and nabbed some of the “free” business cards from VistaPrint.  I say “free” because they still charge you for tax & shipping.  I also ordered an additional 250 (500 in total) for $3 more…and I also got myself an engraved case to keep them in for another $5.  I couldn’t resist!  Plus, my Deathnote wallet isn’t exactly the epitome of professionalism.  And I’ll be able to keep the corners of my business cards from getting bent!  W-what do you mean I’m desperately trying to justify my impulse purchase?  Quiet, you!

Not bad for five bucks!

The Anatomy of a Business Card

There are several articles online about what goes into making a great business card.  I think I hit all if not most of the marks.  I’m a little concerned about the quality of the paper (“cheap quality cardstock” is one of the common business card “no-nos.”), but I’ll find that out once my cards actually get here.  Anyway, here’s what I put on my business card…

What I Included:

  • My Name
  • My E-mail Address
  • My Website Address
  • My “Title” (Writer/SEO)
  • My Tagline (It serves as a reminder of what exactly I do for those who might otherwise forget)

Some Extras:

  • My Facebook Page
  • My Twitter Username
  • A short “ad” for my Keyword Research services.  Why?  Because it’s a new service and it’s not exactly what I’m “known” for (articles!).  I wanted to get it “out there” more and continue making more people aware of it.

What I Left Out and Why:

  • My Phone Number.  I included my phone number on my last set of business cards and ended up regretting it.  I found out the hard way that I actually didn’t want everyone I passed a card out to having my phone number.  This time around, I left it off.  (But I left the back of my cards blank so that I could write it in if I did decide to give someone my digits–I always have at least two pens on me.).
  • My Address.  For the time being, I work from home.  I wasn’t comfortable with letting strangers know my home address.

Gimme Yer Card!

We can’t exactly swap business cards on here, but feel free to leave me a comment!  Tell me a little bit about yourself.  Brag about your business!

What’s on your business card?


Update (7/17/12): I got my business cards in a timely manner, I just forgot to update this post. (Sorry!). The cards are beautiful! I love the card case (it works extremely well at making sure the corners of my cards don’t get bent when they rattle around in my purse) and the cards themselves are very high quality. However, in the future, I’m going to “splurge” and pay the extra $3 to have the “This is a free card!” removed from the back of each card. It makes me seem cheap. Which I am… But prospective clients don’t need to know that. >_<

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2 comments on “Awaiting My Business Cards
  1. Paul says:

    very sophisticated. I’ve been enjoying your haikus. If gobekreativ ever comes back up, you can see my cartoon!


    Paul recently posted..(How To Live a) Halfway Decent LifeMy Profile

    • littlezotz says:

      Hello there!

      So glad you’ve been enjoying my haikus for goBeKreativ!

      Are you the one who drew the caricatures that went with the author biographies??

      I see that you have a website. Please feel free to indulge in some self-promotion! Leave your virtual “business card.” ;)


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