How Are You Perceived?

Finding Your Online Identity

We all know that branding in business (online or otherwise) is extremely important.  Figuring out your true “identity” can make or break you and your business.

When I first started this website, my online identity was a bit shaky.  Many visitors were unsure what it was I did.  Naturally, I attempted to remedy this as quickly as possible!

But did I succeed?  Did visitors really grasp what my business was all about?

The Great Fiverr Experiment

Who better to judge you than a pack of strangers?

I took to Fiverr and put up an ad for artists.  I had a simple request: “Draw an illustration of me based on your FIRST IMPRESSION (good or bad!!) of me from viewing my website landing page.”

I hired the first six artists who answered my ad, sat back, and anxiously waited…

The Results

Here are the results I got from the various Fiverr artists and what they had to say about me/my website:

LittleZotz Writing by drawing_tom

This interpretation was done by a very young man named drawing_tom.  He had this to say: “I drew you as a writer.”

LittleZotz Writing by mac10

This version was drawn by mac10 who said: “writing is not the easiest thing in the world and so I just thought it made sense to draw you stressed out.”

LittleZotz Writing by yudiono

This lovely caricature was drawn by yudiono. He saw me as a hard-working writer, working round the clock on into the night.

LittleZotz Writing by finkartstudio

This one was drawn by finkartstudio.  She had this to say: “My first impression was that you are a creative ‘thinker’ and a problem solver. Hence the ideas spewing out of your head ;) ”  Finkartstudio can also be found on her professional website at!

LittleZotz Writing by D00li

This one was drawn by d00li who said: “I thought you looked like a writer and a bit on the shy side…  but still an approachable person. Overall I thought you were a really cool person.  That’s why I drew you wearing so much blueee!”  I was d00li’s last Fiverr gig. If you’d like her artwork, head on over to her DeviantArt page–she’s taking commissions from there now! :)

LittleZotz Writing noblerab

This one is by noblerab who said: “My impression was of a multifaceted writer who was slipping into a new medium and getting comfortable in a template before fleshing out a personal touch.”

So what did I take away from all this?

Online Perception: The Takeaway

From my great experiment, I took away this…

The Good: They all knew I was a writer!  YES!  And there were other good things as well: They saw me as “hard-working,” “approachable,” and a “multi-faceted” “problem-solver.”  Those are all fantastic traits and right on target with what I want my brand to represent!

The Bad: They also saw me as “shy,” “new,” and “stressed.”  The “new” could be a problem–sometimes “new” isn’t taken seriously when it comes to professional relationships.  ”Stressed” I can take or leave… I do need to relax more, I suppose.  However, if I’m being seen as “shy,” then I’m still not exuding enough confidence in my work and what I do here!  And that must be remedied!

The Other: I have a very formative nose! ;)

What about YOU?

Have you been wondering how visitors perceive YOU?  Your online brand?


My experiment was very fun.  And gave a good visual representation to go along with the visitors’ opinions.  However, the easiest way to get feedback from your traffic is to simply ask them to leave a comment.  :)

How about you?  How do you get feedback from your visitors?

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7 comments on “How Are You Perceived?
  1. This was SO cool. I love how you tested out how others perceived your voice through an artistic lens! Important lessons to take away from this.

    I’m going to check out these artists and try an experiment of my own!
    Danielle Lynn recently posted..6 Powerful Sales Lessons You Can Learn From Door-to-Door MormonsMy Profile

    • Lauren Tharp says:

      Mention this article when you do! ;)

      Each of the artists who volunteered for my wacky experiment were very sweet, easy to work with, and imaginative. They really dove into the assignment with gusto!

      I hope this article gets them some traffic! They definitely deserve it.
      Lauren Tharp recently posted..How Are You Perceived?My Profile

  2. Desiree says:

    What a fun experiment! I loved seeing everyone’s different perspectives! Great project!
    Ha! Now, how did YOU perceive ME? ;)

    • Lauren Tharp says:

      Ah! FinkArtStudio! Haha. So nice of you to stop by!

      Ho ho! Turning my experiment around on me! I like that. ;)

      I saw you as a driven go-getter (since you went out of your way to answer my ad!). I also saw you as someone who was highly creative (obviously!), but also, perhaps, under-stimulated in your usual work (you mentioned liking the “open-ended”ness of my experiment). You like to be challenged, but you also like to have freedom. For you, being bored is akin to being boiled alive.

      All excellent traits in an artist. :)

      Thank you again! I hope this post sends some gigs your way. You certainly have my recommendation!

      Lauren Tharp recently posted..How Are You Perceived?My Profile

  3. jOshua Joestar says:

    Interesting experiment, Lauren. I ought to try this one out too. …A very formative’re hilarious! :)

  4. AizzaMarie says:

    This is really informative and I want to give this a try…Thanks a lot for the post here…
    AizzaMarie recently posted..Utopia Systems Hosted CRMMy Profile

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