Freelancers + Pets = A Perfect Combination!

We all love our pets!  (Or, at least, I hope we do!).  But did you know that your pets can be very beneficial to you in the workplace?

Robert the Cat (and his favorite toy)

Robert the Cat

(That header is a link!)

A few of you lurkers have written in and asked me if the cartoon cat that oft appears as my “sidekick” is real.  The answer to that question is a resounding “YES!”  The little black cat that shows up in my illustrations is our (my guy and my) cat, Robert.  The orange cat, Ringo, that sometimes shows up belongs to my guy’s sister.

Robert is my “esteemed colleague.”  Whenever I’m working on something, Robert is always close at hand.  And, except for one incident where he sent a string of semi-colons (;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;) to a client when he accidentally stepped on my keyboard during a chat session, he’s actually very well-behaved!

A typical work day.


Benefits of Having Pets in Your Workspace

I’m not the only freelancer who likes to have a pet in my work area!  Adam W. Warner of WP Pro Business has dogs, Roxy “Balboa” Richardson has cats, front-end developer Rachel Nabors has betta fish, and fellow writer Danielle Lynn has a praying mantis.  But why?  What are the benefits?

  • Pets are able to help decrease stress when faced with unpleasant tasks.  In fact, pets are better at lowering your stress levels than your friends or spouse!
  • Pets can stave off the loneliness that so often goes hand-in-hand with freelance work.  (You can’t always have a friend over, but your pet is always there for you!)
  • Pets encourage you to get up and move around.  Now, this isn’t true for all pets, but for those of us who have social animals (dogs, cats, rodents), you’ve gotta get up and play with ‘em.  And exercise has been a proven stress-reducer for years!
  • Pet owners have lower blood pressure.  Fish, in particular, are great for this (they’re known to put their owners into a “meditative” state).
  • Talking about your pets can be a great ice-breaker—and can even lead to some valuable clients/networking!  If you’re a writer, there are a lot of venues looking for pet articles.  (I’ve done some work in this area myself!)
  • Pets just…make you smile!  They improve your mood!  And, let’s face it, they’re simply adorable.

Robert relaxing after a hard day at work.

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  1. Hey there, great article and so true. Thanks for including the link to my “Pet Blooper” video. Most appreciated;)
    Adam W. Warner recently posted..Free Kick-ass WordPress Website Webinar SeriesMy Profile

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